Is scopely struggeling with getting us F2P content right now?

No Login rewards this Month , 2 trash pay Events and those Museum collection wih charackters your only get by Ranking high in level up ( which is indeed a paying Event in The end ) . And dont Even mention this trash roadmap Event as an argument , this shit was a Common thing before .


There was a login event, technically. Very technically. The Road Warrior event was indeed F2P, everyone had a chance at Sophia and Beta. Hoarders of raid cans, or toons to level up (from my perspective), all still F2P, could get Bruce and Sandy too. Not sure what the 2nd ‘pay event’ you refer to is… John/Maggie? Definitely F2P.

Only aspect they let F2P down was 1 week long war stashes and less so the level up rewards (you could push for one win or numerous Top 50s still, but I digress)


Valentine Event is pay Event , so is The new Alpha , Beta wheel (Count as an Event )

Leagues has offered a healthy amount of ftp content.

Do you mean give aways or that kind you need to play for?

Doesn’t look like pay to win IMO. You can get all the Valentine items without paying.


The new Alpha, Beta, Elodie thing I consider an innovation on usual premiers, you can’t get the tokens any other way than offers I think… No different than if they released them on 3 consecutive weeks in my opinion.

Valentine I’m not so sure, you can get all the collection items freely

This Game became so trash for f2p

It’s not, but you’re free to elaborate

I am dont sure if they are bringing back those Survivors tokens with that 5% Chance of getting 6* where you had an actually real Chance to get some Nice toons ( got yellow shiva , yellow ty , violett there ) . But they probably lost Money tho . Dicks

Nice pulls. I imagine they will, the Winter token was the 4th wheel in a row I think, not a bad thing to change it up a bit. They have given us 2 events and 2 new 5* legacies in that missing month


Are you kidding some Teams are just sad to watch , its like seeing a Nerd throwing out his Money out of The window

Valentines event is very F2P, you can get the items very easily.


Complete opposite of the real Valentines :frowning:

You can get The arrows by raiding , The 2 other objects only available at The offers


The bows are for logging in and the 3rd part will be from tournaments.

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Wow didnt expect that from scopely tho , there still dicks anyway

There’s more f2p content than ever before. I remember f2p players waiting for over a year to get a five star. Just stop already. Just because whales spend more than ever doesn’t mean there isn’t f2p content.

I used four stars in my attack team in my f2p days for well over a year. And I was damn good lol. Oh how I miss my f2p days lol.


Speaking of free to play, the free mod removal event didn’t start on time again

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This game has given out more free toons this last year than ever b4. Those who complain because your not getting a monthly toon handed to you vua login are just looking to whine. 5* days if you werent in a top fac took months t get a 5* pull and we got 4* from fac events. The wheels has 2* weapons on them and 4* tokens were considered a top.prize at times. Not sure what the crying is about. Sure the meta current meta is kinda dull but its slowly moving on to something else as always. If you don’t enjoy the events no one is holding a gun to your head. And to add to that they added lug nuts to raid rewards as well so gives you more a chance to get a toon.