Is Scopely just going to ignore Jonesgate?

It’s damn annoying that someone who worked hard for their letters while someone else can just run a stupid gear map and instantly complete it. Seriously. Scopely seems to be completely ignoring the issue as well.


Yes they will


Onslaughtgate is already here man Jonesgate is so yesterday


The Mr.Jones event is near over I think they will probably move on from it as another event that experienced issues.

Nope, ignore it like others, what they do is mess up other things on purpose, onslaught, arenas, etc as a distraction from things like Jonesgate and the Halloweengate because, well, it works.

Other companies, acknowledge the issue, compensate, fix the issue and that is that. Scopely makes another issue to bring everyones attention to the new issue.

Everything is going as intended, keep surviving.


How many events have they got right this week???
Hummm ZERO

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But you’re retired


I will ride the ship to the bottom of the sea

yet here are the same people that have been saying the same thing for the past few months. Still playing still unhappy but still here.


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What’s the gate? Some people got him for free. If you paid for him and feel like it’s not fair, then go through to the proper channels for a ref.und.

If you haven’t paid anything and are mad others got him for free and you didn’t, that’s silly and time to move on already.

If you think they are going to just give him away for free, that’s even sillier. If that was the case, they would have kept the roadmap up.


When that date comes we change it

very bad company

Oh! That’s why they f*cked onslaught!!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Let’s just say 2025 to be safe

Does this help answer the questions of the week so far?


Sssssshhhhh can’t let Scopely know we’re on to them

But u retired why do u piss n moan so much?

Didn’t you quit scopley gonna make you quit twice :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

There is no maximum amount of times that you can quit, lol


why u all keep repeating about his quitting and why not comment what he is saying