Is Scopely intentionally dismantling factions?

It seems as if with the direction the game is going in, there may be a planned shift to severely cripple factions and focus only on solo events.

  • The number of solo events per month vastly outweighs the number of faction events.
    -Planned faction events on calendar magically turn to solo events without warning from scopely (thanks Vk)
    -Faction rewards and milestones are incredibly lower compared to their solo counterpart (level up, sr, raids)
  • Faction assault (scored unfairly, no consideration for top ticket earners, causing fighting in faction)
    -Horrible rewards overall causing many players to go inactive or retire… Making it harder to fill even top factions
    -Lack of blitz wars
  • War/cross region war (hit or miss war can drops causing some player to be unable to score high without purchasing cans, the unknown of 6v6 or 8v8 teams until war begins - 6v6 is great for less filled/active faction, but is horrible for full/active factions which causes a lot of frustration, world cans no longer dropping leaving a bad tastes in players mouths, and of course horrible rewards (expecting for last war)
    I’m a Coleader of a top 5 faction in a region of about 25 active factions. In my faction, most are serious players and spenders and some casual players and f2p. It is becoming increasingly harder to motivate my team, to recruit and keep our roster filled. Something has to give.

Feel free to share your thoughts?


Scopely can’t nuke our imaginations bruhhhh

There really should of been one this past week. Things are getting so boring

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They are changing the game to The Walking Dead: Road to Boredom


not sure if it’s trying to cripple factions as focus on events where people spend… which would be the SOLOs.

Great post I agree with everything…honestly if crw is 6v6 again another batch might retire just cuz of that


I seriously can’t understand how solo events are more profitable then faction events. Maybe its just my region but i see way more coin being spent during faction events.


They are more profitable but only because they offer way better prizes for solo. If they offered good prizes for fac events the activity would change


Can I suggest we change Dead to Dull?

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Doubt it. Scopely’s aim would be to have every player in a faction. They make more money that way.

If you’re in a faction, you’re obliged to score well in all events and not disappoint your teammates in wars.

This is all great incentive to spend :slight_smile: