Is scopely giving us anything for Christmas?


I would love to see scopely give us a choice of ascendable toons to choose from for Christmas this would boost everyone’s moral up and show that scopely does actually care about there players and they could easily do this because they just posted three new toons that they have came up with they could pick to of them land offer us them as a gift we could choose from but unfortunately ey will most likely go the cheap route and give us a replenish and a flak jacket and a beanie and think that’s a great gift


I’d say it could be an elegent incense or smelling salt


Short answer, No

Long answer Nooooooooooo


noooo, that would be too cheap, I think they will give us two elegant incenses or two smelling salts.


More like it lol @WalkingDisaster


Your gift isn’t available in offers for 500 coins

Or you can complete and farm the road map and raid for your other gift

Or the ultimate gift experience is getting 12 robots Fromm premier pulls that will only cost you a few thousand dollars.

But you know be happy you got the refills as a gift a time the beginning, which you should apprI cistern as refills are nefred from war (3rd place) sr (bronze stage) and they are no longer in the supply depot.

Merry Christmas

Oh if you overfarm holy and snow globes you won’t get any conversation to supply depot points as they ar not inventoried.

Keep surviving


Clearly, @Dahtree, I can see your nuts…


There doesn’t seem to be a rush to release the Christmas toons. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but not holding my breath. :slight_smile:


Yes. We are getting this for Christmas


I have claimed so many of those before. Its a pretty common thing.


I normally need to roll a bunch of times to get that!


Scopely be like…


I know it won’t be, but I hope day day is actually something really great, but it will probably be 1 Benedict (which would actually sadly be considered the best prize out of the 12 days)


Happy holidays!


a moment, I think that you do not realize everything that scopely gives us, and not only on these dates but throughout the course of this game.

as for example depression, addiction, we can not forget the countless broken promises, bad prizes (laughable) all ways respect your hard work since in spite of everything I love this game




If the event was honestly named…


That made my day, I was drawn to the ascendable recruit and then I saw what was beside it and I nearly fell off my chair laughing, brilliant.


It’s name is 12 days of carnage winter event not Christmas gift lol


But for real as much bs as we had to put up with this year they really should do something nice for us