Is Santa Negan going to be ascendable anytime in the future?

So, Im sitting here with about 4 Santa Negans and i’m just wondering if hes going to get that grand ol promotion anytime soon? another ftp melee lead would be nice (I have had no luck pulling carl).

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3018 it’s scheduled for.


Release the list thats promised first


When hell freezes over

@kalishane do you know if there is any news circulating this character regarding ascendance?

I have not seen him. :,(

What have you seen?


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I’ve seen… Gator.

I have also verified we’re still on track with the 5* ascendable list!


Is there any kind of timeline on that? I mean beyond the vague “Through early 2018”. Not sure if that means January, first quarter, or any time in the first 6 months. I’m excited to see what my Governor/Glenn could become, so any clarification would be nice.

clarify on track please…we haven’t had a F2P ascendable toon in a long time now. its getting ridiculous. at this rate my great great great grandchildren’s best friends nephews wont even see all 5*s ascended.


Meaning by the end of early 2018 – they should all be released.


that is still only a handful of 5*s and its still a long while away.

as a long time player, each day my interest in the game keeps getting lower. its all about attracting new customers it seems. sighs…kalishane…thanks for the update though :sweat::pensive::cry:


What is the “early part of 2018”? By June 30th?

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Can you leak Gator before VK?
And what kind of track are we talking about. We were told end of this year.
We understand set backs and know sometimes it cant be helped.
But without a rough estimate it feels like its intentional.
Thanks again


How about some more f2p characters? That’s real shifty of you to put All the Winter Edition characters for p2p. Your putting them all in Premiere Recruited when you should’ve made a winter event wheel where we got MORE than 1 pull from it for toons. Everyone would’ve been happy with this than what you have done to us for months now. I wanted that Christmas Shiva & a few other’s.

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Only so much can be done. :blush:

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I would guess that this is correct. Should not be beyond that date.

Sorry but that is mid 2018 not early.

Continues to be a disappointment. But keep pumping those promos


Maybe make Earl ascendable, and buy yourselves time with the rest? Early 2018 will have then been satisfied.