Is red governor still available in SD


Is the red governor still available in the supply depot for people who aren’t prestige 12? I know he used to be available to buy in the other slots but I’m not sure if scopely has changed that.


Yes, I bought him last week.


Awesome! Thanks a bunch


Thabk you was wondering the same.

esp since i got glenn on extreme sale this week


Yes he and blue ascendable ty are still in the depot.


That’s the prestige 12 slot for governor. That’s the only slot I’ve seen him in for a while. I want to know if he’s in the slot that tyreese is in.


Yeah he’s in there too


Is this because Glenn and the Governor are going to become ascendable. I forget the list of ascendable toons that was posted a while back.


Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!


Yeah, looking forward to having neutralize governor… if I ever get him from the depot


Me too. Hopefully game doesn’t die before they finally release him :joy::joy: