Is raiding even worth it anymore?

Idk what the point in raiding anymore since coins are gone, sure people get the tokens for gear but some people paid to get where they are and it sucks cause they wont get much… Oh well… Guess its another way to the death of this game
RIP League’s


Well you are so right.


RIP Indeed.


I’ve completed only one stage of Survival Road and haven’t raided all day. Can’t say I’ve missed much.


Milestones? If there are at least 2 good characters next season, people will still need league tokens to claim those characters.


You get to save cans, money, time now. Thank you scopely! :blush: :hugs: removing coins is great! Keep it up and give me a vacation!


Ill still get coins for minimal effort. Hit milestones, tada.

Where do you get coins for min effort? Top 3 and diamond get coins only and if you get promoted which is top 8 or 10 i believe. Sorry but using 30+ raid cans each week, using raid, territory and sr energy every time its full or almost full isnt min effort lol

honestly not really. The only reason why i even did it was for Leagues and the coins now that those are taken away it takes a lot of joy out of it. The Same people will be on top and spend to do so that way F2p are screwed over once again. I’ve never really whined about scopley has done but this is not right

I honestly can’t remember the last time I participated in a raid event… It’s been boring. :man_shrugging:t4:

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Im active :woman_shrugging:
I use raid cans to get me to milestones, war a lot, and barely do sr and I’ve always been in diamond.

Said as much in couple other threads, that raiding is busted. Not only are most top player teams all shield/revive/extra hp teams, but now it has filtered down to the bots. Seeing that same crap up and down the ranks.

I remember when I first started playing, would take a run at the very top ranked players during raid tournaments. With some strategy could sometimes pull out a win. That felt good, swinging for the fences and being rewarded. Not now.

And what is with giving raid cans as rewards? I guess they think that it will soften the pain of timing out so many raids if the cans were free? Well so is punching myself in the face, doesn’t mean I want to do it repeatedly.

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Must be in an easy diamond then cause im using an 30+ raid cans a week. Maybe you have hundreds of cans, that supply wont last, esp with the “new competition”

700 coins isnt worth the amount of cans needed when the coins can be bought directly and the cans saved for fac events but please continue to tell me more about your “activeness” :rofl:


Raiding stopped being worth it when they stopped giving toons as rewards for events… Leagues made me do it again. Now, no.


stopped raiding ages ago and i only did it recently when I was close to being demoted so id use the free energy. the only time i raid is when my faction mates want to test their teams

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I don’t raid anymore at all except for raid tourneys. The effort just isn’t worth it and it’s even less worth it now that coins are gone. League tokens are nice and it’s great that there’s more of it, but I already get a lot just from the endless level tourneys.

Currently in Platinum 3 and that’s fine by me.


I dont know what to tell you, lol. I use my free e all the time, and use raid cans in tourneys. I do buy the 275 raid bag offer, usually 2 or 3 (my league coins cover that).
Ive never not been in diamond. But we’ll see if that changes this season. Id certainly not be willing to spend just to stay in diamond.

Same here lol use my raid and territory e whenever i can and make sure im not full. In raid events i use about 20 cans or so, i hit sr in sr events every hour and a half, used to buy the energy offers for a few $ but went f2p, buy some raid or sr cans with coins for an event and its been a struggle to stay in diamond, im as actice as one can be. I wish i could be in your diamond group cause that would be nice to have it easy, i think diamond 1 and plat 5 will be a lot harder now but honestly not worth the coins/money needed to maintain or promote

This “update” isnt going to bring competitiveness to the ones who want it, they will fight the same whales they have fought and like 90% of the players arnt gonna waste their time, well what scopely wants is them to spend money, they are hoping this increases profit and imho this will decrease profit and decrease competitiveness across the board.

The whales will be whales. Maybe a tty hard once and awhile but when they see they are putting in more money than what they are getting back, they will have to make a choice, continue to lose to scopely or take it easy and not worry about a couple coins

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ppl have hit the nail on the head. they cut the coins because ppl stopped buying them and just used what they got from leagues. scopely is trying to increase revenue again.

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The one thing I like about the new reward structure, is that it now incentives doing well in leagues. I kind of thought platinum would be nice before, but now id rather stay in diamond. Again, we’ll see if I do in fact find it “worth it” when i see how much activity it will now require. If it requires more than free e and hitting milestones in events, I’ll likely just stop caring entirely. Not sure yet