Is #playersunited working?

I see a lot of fighting and squabbling happening on the forums (surprise surprise) and wanted to pose this question. So i have 2 screenshots, one is from when the PU post first appeared here in forums. It was slightly after the pete anderson promo was released and after a crw.


This is where the game ranked on android play store at that moment.

Now this next screen shot is from this morning, also, after a promo and crw


Fairly big difference, actually since #playersunited was announced RTS has not made it back into the top 100 grossing games on the play store. So, has scopely’s knees buckled and have they seen the error of their ways? No. But has #playersunited made significant progress in 3 weeks. In my opinion, yes. Most businesses dont look at financials until the end of the quarter anyway so before scopely would even consider a change in strategy it probably wont be until October, when they start digging into Q3 numbers and quantify the drop in revenue. #playersunited is a marathon not a sprint. Scopely is banking on the belief that we’re addicted spenders and cant hold out forever, eventually people will start dropping $1000s on this game again, especially when factions that chose not to participate in #playersunited start moving up the rankings. Let’s see if they’re proven wrong


Revenue wise, it’s definitely working. Scopely caring, highly doubtful…


This. (7 characters)


I already quit #playersunited


On mine it’s further down


This game is long past its prime. They have other milking cows now. Like Star Trek and Looney Tunes. Which are doing pretty good. And if you have an old bugged product… sometimes its much cheaper just to let it die then to fix it.


Its working but scopley dont care. I finally came to the realization that the state of this game wont change. Like who would ever imagine that you would be punished for using ur ar and basically nuking ur team 1 by one, basically what toons are based on. Im throwing in the towel.


Totally agree Payback just a game recker, boring as f🤗


Was $84 per day 2 weeks ago


So looks like a lot of players realize what payback and bide are doing to this game. But somehow they are still not only pulling for this toons but spend a huge amount of money in the process.

Maybe they are into kinky stuff. And like being hurt. I dunno.


Yeah seems to be workimg well . Pay to play roadmaps and trash legacy released :joy::joy: yet the promos are as op as ever and still coming through every week :clap: … quit spending you idiots


I wonder how their daily revenue is calculated. That can’t be per active user can it?


No idea, but now went up to $61

As OP posted, hasn’t been enough time to judge. All these actions have been planned out in advance. They will hide behind their 30-60 day promise and until the player council is formed.


I’ll wait until the new season and see what they do. I don’t expect anything until then.

Yea. And to be honest, most of the changes I expect are the ones that were talked about in the promises post. Updates to old stale content.

I still fully expect S class toons to come out and a weekly promo.


With no demand there will be no supply. So what are you saying is basically: spenders gonna spend no matter what.

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I don’t care about S or 7star toons. Just give me useful toons to progress by removing rng from all rewards and let me decide when to push for rewards. I’m sick of using same 2 attack teams for months. I’m already done for the next 3 weeks… All solo events to get tokens for a chance to get a useless toon and a CRW (like the one before) that has no toons to help me progress.


If ALL spenders would stop spending, this game would shut down.

There will never be 100 percent participation in PU. Just hoping that there’s enough who are involved to facilitate chnage where we can. Some of these areas are upgrades to old content, better prizes and more f2p content including legacies.

I think it’s unrealistic to expect them to stop pumping out promos. They are one of the largest gaming companies in the world and they have quotas to meet and investors to keep happy.


It isn’t in the top 200 on iOS. I don’t know it it’s possible to see any further down the chart than that.