Is our SUN real or a simulator?


Very minor research into the sun simulator:

Drop that knowledge

  • Its Real
  • Its a Simulator

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Some believe the very lives we are living today are a simulation…so why not?


Anything is possible


As Tom G. Warrior usually says : Only death is real.


Is Death An Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End


Or what about the possibility of a 2nd Sun and how NASA wants to cover it up?


It’s all Matrix


Im not really one to be a conspiracy nut, i graduated with a masters in mechanical engineering… but some of this stuff would be awesome if it was real


Of course It’s real! But what we actually see is just a projection emitted from the Dyson Sphere that contains it, obviously…


This Dyson Sphere? dyson%20sphere




Sun is real


It’s a burnt Cookie :frowning:


True story: a significant portion of the internet population is of this idea that “If I can’t see it with my own eyes, I don’t believe it” mindset.

They consider themselves deep thinkers, like Kyrie Irving for example. Kyrie was recently pressed by someone he trusts (fellow Duke player JJ reddick, another dumb dumb) about his “research yourself” and you’ll never guess where Kyrie get’s his “own research” done…

Ok many of you will guess, INSTAGRAMs rolf. He follows those troll conspiracy instragrams that many idiots are into. (911 truthers, chemtrails, flat earth, math truthers)

It’s pretty sad too because guys like Kyrie get wealthy and get surrounded by “yes-men” beefing up his dopey faux intellectualism. The fact that he is a Dukie has even more dumb dumbs believing his hype.

Who needs science, peer review and tested methodologies when instead we can just get cool instragrams with BS about flat earth and shadow governments.


Both. We have two suns, and they take turns being the sun. Our real sun only shows up for 12 hours every 2 days. The other one is just a simulator.


Well it’s obviously real.

The question is, a real what?


I also do not know about the math truther conspiracy :eyes:


I saw the math truther and was shook at the dumbess… a few yrs of college math would do them good


They would need primary school math and high school math first


Any links? So I can read up on it. Now I’m really curious.