Is mod stacking exploit still a thing?


Seeing some toons with outrageous numbers of def or hp boost from mods. Read a while back that through a certain screen the mods could be stacked to have doubles of the same one. Is this still around?


I think the latest update fixed it


Hold on a second… there was a mod exploit? #speechless…


Updated to where you can no longer do it BUT if the stack was in place, it remains there as long as the perpetrators don’t remove them


That makes sense… lol


Thanks for the responses. So that was most likely what I was seeing. not surprised it’s a top faction taking part in it. Anything for a leg up on the competition it seems. Just surprised me a lot when a alert lori took dwight led two disarm mich and siddiq ty blast and still lived like no alert has done before


There was a mod bug for some people or some toons or some combo of that yes.

While i couldnt do it at all on any toon (tried it on a few) someone else in my faction just asked us if it got fixed cause he had two hp mods on violet. Bumping her health into the 2600-3k range.

Just another accidental screw up that some of the player base could enjoy while others remained with the shaft firmly jammed in…



Indeed this exploit was fixed with the recent 14.0.2 release and cannot be achieved anymore.

I’ll be speaking with the team to see if we can enforce taking down duplicate mods that remain equipped for some players.

Double stats on mods

thank you if they can it will help alot :smiley:


I remember seeing some in war. There needs to be a way to fix this exploit.


Couldn’t you simply mass unequip all mods from all toons? I’m sure there are many who would welcome a free unequip of their mods. Those that like them where they are could just reattach them, no harm done. I fear if not done to all you’d miss a few abusers.


Easiest solution


A mass unequip of everyone’s mods would be welcomed by many.


Ehhh if you have multiple mods specifically calibrated over multiple characters, it could mess up if you didn’t memorize which mods go where. Since the number of stacked mods is much less, focusing on that approach is possible more preferable to all players.


Please remove the scrap charge to unequip mods. People who accidentally equipped double mods shouldn’t be penalised for your bug.


I would love a mass unequip on my mods. But, honestly, the entire thing is not user friendly for moving mods. Start with scrap cost to unequip, then having to move between toons to figure out where the one you want is to unequip it first, then remember where you’re moving it. Then realize you don’t have enough scraps for both unequips.


Provide a 7 suspension for clearly taking advantage of a exploit.

That’ll get the players thinking twice about doing something that is obviously against the game design.


“Accidentally” lol yeah right


This actually doesn’t sound bad. I’d rather have to reorganize my mods then save 28 days worth of scrap to remove them


If only there were some way to record an image of each character on your screen and save the knowledge of each mods placement for future recollection. Too bad, guess you’d have to start all over.