Is Michonne actually in the Michonne wheel?

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Is Michonne actually in this wheel? Has anyone pulled her?
I know sometimes you guys weirdly like to show a toon in the wheel even though they aren’t actually in there, is this the case with Michonne too?

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shes in there with 0.2


Hoping pull her then get her with kites

All depends what bucket youre in. Also remember (as i said but was called crazy) that their is a certain/finite amount of toons/coins, etc in something so lets say you are in bucket A, bucket A has only 100 Michonnes in it, once those 100 Michonnes are pulled then no more Michonne even tho she is displayed still. This isnt coming from my tin foil hat wearing self, this is from the senior vice president of scopely and if anyone knows what they are talking about, it would be the SVP of the company.


We have one that got her in our fac

I want to be in that bucket

Got few in are region

Fac mate pulled her


Nice to know she’s in there, though I don’t see the point of giving out more than one of her with the rarity of flags

5* arenas if you’re lucky

same fac,mate with s class Pete, 2 zacs and 2 docs pulled her。… of course

Wait, so one minute you’re moaning that she isn’t in the wheel but now that’s confirmed you’re moaning that she is?


I wasn’t moaning, I was just pointing out that it’s weird that Scopely would give another toon you can’t do much with

No you don’t, because that buckets Michonne is gone now


Thought you quit?


What lala land do you live in?

So which is it jojo? The SVP doesnt know what they are talking about, the devs who have said these things also dont know what they are talking about or the article we read isnt true? Cant be both, might wanna get better at being that scopely white knight

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I’m not wasting my time explaining it to you. You probably aren’t capable of understanding advanced concepts and compound sentences. My level of English is obviously better than yours, in that it has layers and sophistication beyond a literal reading.

And nor am I a white knight or an alt account for scopely. I am a thinking person (which I appreciate you might find hard to comprehend) and I accept that products, services and people aren’t perfect. Neither is scopely. I choose to play the game accepting it will occasionally be flawed.


Did you even read the interview?

I probably won’t pull her from the wheel :frowning::frowning: I know my account :cry::cry:

She can be pulled from the wheel. One of my faction mates pulled her also :blush: