Is Mercer not working right? See pics


This is base Mercer with his mods

These are with Gabriel and Lydia leads, both +40% HP leaders. The leader boost is applying to everybody else but not to Mercer?

Is anybody else experiencing this? Am I missing something here?

If you are talking about the HP boost, mod bonuses are added after leader and weapon bonuses afaik

1727 HP +40% = 2417.8
Your mod being 495
Total HP would be 2912.8 and it just rounded up

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Ok. Well here’s unmodded Lydia.

Her mods add nearly 1000 HP, so by the previous math, she should sit around 3400 with the 40% leader boost plus mods.

However, see previous SS. She’s at 4600. Am I mathing something wrong, @Lockdown? It seems the 40% HP boost is being applied to everybody else post mods.

what is Lydias weapon %, just missing that and guessing Mercer has no HP bonus on his weapon.

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As lock down said,
Mods add a flat bonus on top of the final stacked stats from weapons/leads.

The character screen does a piss poor job of detailing this as it appears that it increases the base stats but it does not.

Formula is
(Base x L x W1 x W2 x W3) + mod

L = Lead
W = weapon
1, 2, 3 is each bonus separately applied
(ex 30%,5%,3% displayed as 38% is 1.3x1.05x1.03)

Yes this is also not intuitive


Thanks @Wanderer and @Lockdown… It was the weapon that I wasn’t taking into account. Gabriel and Lydia have 40 HP while Mercer is DEF.

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So a weapon of lets say 40% hp is split up like 30%, 5%, 5% instead of just 40% like a lead skill is?

Yeah. Not intuitive. Each are separate bonuses.

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Wow wtf thats good info, thank you! I always thought it worked like lead skill

That part about the weapons just blew my mind,wtf. That is absolutely mislabeled when it says 38% etc.

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