Is Mercer even viable?

So, I know Doc Stevens is still decent, but how about Mercer? Just pulled 2 of him, and was wondering if he can still be useful on a defense team. Personally I dont think so, but maybe I’m wrong. What do you think?


No he is not
Maybe four and a revive lead can work when they painsplit each other

No (7char)

Maybe to be really annoying, but james and even christa can put an end to him. In hordes he is really annoying though. So theres thag

Nope, be alright for SR tho.

He can be pretty annoying in the right team, u can get his stats over 5k put graze and absolute defence on him he’ll be pretty hard to kill


That’s what I thought, thanks for the responds.

This. 95% of the time he’s no issue what so ever, but when nodded right and holding an abs def weapon with particular team mates, such as Kapoor, a shield, Donny Lead, Mia and other annoying toons he can be incredibly irritating. When my Laopo is on an xp scavenger mission and I can’t use her Daze, it’s hard to pick who to control out of Mercer’s active, Kapoor’s active, Peter’s active, Mia’s active or the shield.
With Laopo he’s no issue, but then again, hardly anybody is.

Dr.stevens is decent ? I want to say exactly the same in 14 days.

If you are playing at red meta and have Donny, Mercer can be very useful.

No Mercer is trash why do you think they put him in with Stephens lol he is the booby prize :joy::joy:

Sure, but you had best get maim, burn and bleed resist or maim heal, etc. because he goes down pretty fast to these damage types.

He was never viable

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