Is Makenzie good?

She any good?


She’s decent I would say.

Just look at her before you think so

Amazing, her revive active skill is a pain to deal with if you forget about her.

All I’m asking is if she’s better than Clam (my last pull, which I thought was below average)

She’s one of the best revives still.

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One of the best healers. Works great with Dante or Eugene. Idk who would think she’s just average despite being one of the few toons with a revive active. Maybe a little vulnerable as a blue toon, but with an impair on being attacked weapon she’s great


Troll post lol


Nice flex bruh :muscle:


Nah not really with all the yellows being available and 8% ap gains on all their weapons at the start of each raid

I use her in my Lydia defense team she works well.

Yea shes good :grin: just got her and cant wait to max this beauty out

Had to flex :muscle:

Dude, you get me every time you post lmao :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


Good, people in this game need a laugh

Still one of my favorite.

Status removal, multi turn heal, revive active, and retribution 2.

Makes stun/taunt/confuse control a must. Pair her with a focus toon and then you further limit how a player can control her.

Imo she is one of the most well built toons with a very specific use.

I got her from winter token pulls, cant use her for a while as im focusing on Solange and Princess, but im happy with her

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