Is maim supposed to go through G2 shields?

I’m not sure if this is a thing, but during my raids when the opponent’s shield Jesus rushes and attacks my team with the G2 shields no damage is dealt but they still suffer from maim. Is that a thing?

Hmmm. I had AP drain mod also work through a guardian’d toon. He was guarded, ready to rush, got hit once for 0 damage of course, and got AP drained. Maybe its always been that way and I never noticed before.

It shouldn’t, maim counts as damage and g2 should block it

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It’s cause Guardian doesn’t show on the right people.Seen this happen on violet.

This game has gotten so full of bugs and glitches, getting impossible to tell what is going on anymore. Guardians on wrong toons, stunned characters rushing, revives without a revive toon or wep. 12 million defenses, just to name a few. Not to mention pure hacks: Impossible weapons, perfect mods… the list goes on and on.

This is accurate. Maim is supposed to apply a flat damage amount and reduce the top HP available. Exp Below
Character’s Max HP: 2,000
Current HP 1,200
Maim of 600 is applied

Characters new max HP 1,400
Current HP 600

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Oh wow, I thought maim just lowered the max hp. Didnt realize it also lowers current hp like damage would.

Maim is unhealable damage unless cured by a toon that cures all. (Gabrielle) this is a good counter to timeout teams with right setup. Theres a good amount of toons now that have it. Was pretty sucky before but added it with right team it can be helpful if you dont have other options.

What confuses me is that it lowered HP the second time but not the first time when I had shields up

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