Is magna in the wheel?


Me to, 20 useless 4*!


She is technically the promo by way of advertising.

Check your news feed. It specifically says Magna is up just like it does for every other promo.


It does. However, she’s just the lure to bait you into pulling because she is one of the better choices available on this “premier defense” wheel. More likely you’ll land on Wyatt or Joshua. Good luck though.


There is a way to get our money back from Amazon ?


Yup yup i agree. Ofc that is gonna be the hardest to pull as always.

Was just speaking to the fact that a few were acting like she wasnt the advertised promo cause the wheel is technically called defense w.e which i would agree with them if they hadnt put her in the news feed as the advertised toon for said promo.


Well she wasn’t in there last time I pulled :smirk:


Im also not saying that she for sure is in there.

I would assume that she is yes but would never go out an say that she is. Just that she is supposed to be.

Woukd be some serious Scopely shit roght there so i wouldnt put it past them.


Neat. Finally some New 4 Stars. I hope Jeremy is in there too. Already got this Beauty and a Limited Edition Rick.


Two 10 pulls and two singles! All I got was mike Tyson Screenshot_20181109-130130_Walking%20Dead|690x335


10 pull and a 40 pull only got Yvette


10 pull, all 4*s


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