Is magna in the wheel?


I’m hearing several reports of people pulling heavy and no magna in sight. Has anyone pulled her from this current promotion? Any screenshots? How many pulls if so? Did they somehow make the odds on the wheels…worst?


This wouldn’t suprise me one bit if they forgot to put her in it just to get people to pull for her


Probably subscription only now, oh wait :crazy_face::thinking::roll_eyes:


I did a 10 pull and got 6* Rosita, 2nd one, don’t use the 1st one yet


Seems to me they put the magna as promo and no one gets her so it makes the survivors club "deal"look more appealing.


With so much crap 6* around her in the wheel you have a teeny tiny chance of getting her !! A total of 20 legendary toons so you have 5% chance of getting what you actually want if you are lucky enough to beat a 1% chance of pulling a legendary to begin with :laughing: sounds like a really dirty math problem




More like .000001%


Did 2 full pulls and a 10 pull. No Magna


Sounds like your luck


Magna is not the promo, guys. The wheel is “Premier: Defense”. IF you hit the 1% for a six star or 1% for an ascendable five star, then Magna is one of many possible results. It looks like there are 20 defense toons in the wheel, so you have approximately a 0.05% chance of pulling Magna as a six star or an ascendable five star.


… seven characters


Did 20, no luck


X2 10s… all 4*s




I pulled yesterday 2 BigPack and 5 10 Packs and some single Pulls. No Magna. It’s so frustrated :triumph:



dont worry, soon some skiplay employee will post an allegedly pulled magna to calm you ppl down. its all good. :+1:


Not in mine. That‘s for sure.


Has anyone realised that magna is just one toon in there. She’s not even with double chances. It’s a nice way to falsely advertise or should I say cleverly advertise. Basically with magnas pic being shown we are trained to think you have better chances to get her. But scopes has changed the way of premiers since the double chances event ended. No more double chances on the toons. They are bunched with a few other toons so the likelihood of getting a magna is as good as doing a pull when she’s not featured