Is Madison still worth using?

Pulled her from the 5 star tokens but I’m not sure if she is useful or not.

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She’s :fire: for an anti-melee team. Put her and a bunch of reds and greens in a team and baby, you got a stew going. Even better if you have any other bleed toons or a Lacerator in your roster.

I’m only here for the ad reference, bravo you magnificent bastard

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Shes alright but alice is better as a lead vs melee

But is she in the 5 star wheel? Of course she’s gonna be better.

if u have alice Diego, cole, dale, Lucia or any premier toons, use that

if u done she is great against melee lead teams
try a combo of
madison, shiva, glenn, and any red or green and it’s a good combo
I personally use red kenny ( 45 att to melee) glenn, boobs, bruce and shiva

I take down quite a few melee lead teams (not super whales though)

Only reason why I even mentioned Alice is because she is a better anti melee lead never said she was on the 5* wheel.

Never liked her. Michelle is a better lead. Work in yellows and reds.

And I said obviously she is better, she’s a premier. Obviously you never said she was on the wheel, if you had I wouldn’t have asked.

If her lead skill was very large instead of large, she would be amazing. But, with large ap, your 76ap chars aren’t gonna have their ar ready turn 3 (turn 2 w/ command) unless they take damage or you have an 8% weapon.

@ the ppl who said Alice is better… NO SHIT SHERLOCKS!!! She is the biggest game changer currently in the game.


Free Michelle is superior in every way, haven’t used Madison since and took out all Mods of her

So why did you think it was necessary to point out the fact that she isnt on the 5* wheel because thats pretty damn obvious.

If you don’t have Alice then yes she is still worth using. To the ones saying Michelle is better, have fun taking her in as lead on heavy green teams. I’m sure she won’t get blasted especially if she’s the only yellow on the team… as others have said run her with some reds and greens and it will rip through heavy melee setups.

Because it’s a huge difference between being on the 5 star wheel and being in premier recruits.

Doesnt mean theres no possibility of the player having it :man_shrugging: so yes I will point out the better leaderskill against melee if I choose to.

she is good if you dont want to spend. Dont listen to anyone who thinks Alice is better cause she is locked behind pay wall and if you try hard you can work something nice with her

The Fox still uses her i believe

You can, never said you couldn’t, in fact you should. And I’m gonna point out how it’s very different than the free character being shown, since the character you are talking about is not free.

Of course alice is better, I’ll trade 4 erikas for her you dumbass.

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This thread doesnt involve the fact that madison is now a f2p toon it’s asking if she is still viable which she is, I pointed out that Alice is better the player NEVER asked about a free character so yes theres a possibility of the player having alice. So yes alice is different, never claimed she wasnt on the wheel never claimed she was so whats the point in continuing to try and argue when you butted into a conversation of a better toon I would recommend use of over madison.