Is Lucas interesting?

For those who pulled him : is he worth it ? (assuming we can get the 24k aquamarine necklace)

I have him…he’s like a second rosita to me. Dont even use him

He was undoubtedly a poor
Performer in sales and thus given in this fashion.


From my usual nonprofessional viewpoint, I like him. Defense bonus with AP gain on attack. Useful on a all-alert team who hit hard but suffer from low defense. Combine with extra defense weapons with Defender traits (additional defense or stun) and that would be a great team. Plus he has a 3-person impair rush.

If that’s not enough, he’s the next free ranged character since Dwight so this is important to me.


It really depends on your setup and how and where you use him.

Don’t have him but will go for him as he is someone for a certain roster/weapons in order to make him work.

Great analysis, Khronical. Someone post his cards, please. Will help those who haven’t seen him or don’t have easy access.

Thanks. I guess I’ll wait the very end of the collection to see what I can get.

Balanced attack. Defense is… slightly below, yes? And high health. He’ll definitely benefit from all the extra defense.


Offense he is great. I use him as lead with governor others and you have guaranteed rushes ready turn 3 or 2 with command.

Yes he’s worth it. As well as if we ever get 56 AP toons, which we will, you will have a great lead skill with rushes popping every other turn.


Thanks, Khronical, you rock!

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He looks good and even better if we don’t have to spend for him. I got a few extra stun guns lying around.

Would be nice to know if there is exactly 24k or if there will be a little wiggle room if we miss a milestone or two.


I’d like to have one more red 6-star for my anti-Carl/green team. I have Romanov right now but he dies quickly. Hershel tops my wishlist but I don’t spend anymore. I do have Lori so I hope her completed 6-star version is at least leaked by the end of this event so I can decide if Lucas would be better than Lori. I’m doubtful I will get 24k aquamarines anyhow so it may be a moot point.

This is the million dollar question

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You can view all legendary toons and their 5* version in the monument

He is in my main roster and I love him. His AR has won me matches hands down by itself. Tons of blues everywhere so make him tanky AF and some “AP When Taking Damage” + “AP When Attacking” and just laugh.

Lucas will get his AR waaaay before anyone else and so long as he survives… well 3 are impaired and now someone else can pop and AR off which usually nets me 2 kills turn 3 fairly often depending on who gets his AP bonus.


Lead skill is on point.

He is my favorite thing in life to hear FREE

Exactly my thought.

If you see that leaked picture of 6* Lori, there are hints that she will be a supporter with a leader skill. Hopefully like her son Carl.

I think another question is he obtainable without hitting every single milestone or is he just a carrot on a stick?

Because they basically took out the rewards we would normally get like a police shield, double holster and a watch and replaced them with necklaces. Pretty shady if you ask me. There’s a whole empty row there scopes.