Is Loyalty Dead?


With the rise of the region transfers and leagues…is faction loyalty dead?

I was recently booted from my faction that I’ve been playing on for over a year. I missed a couple of events and did not hit the rising minimum point requirements due to real life stuff. I get that people just want to win in the this game, but I thought factionmate loyalty was important.

Are others going through this same thing? Are more and more people getting booted from their longtime factions and getting replaced by stronger and more active transfers? Just curious.


Yes. Time to be little Kevin Durants.


Don’t know about loyalty but it is sad watching regions losing their idenities from all of this, but knew it was going to happen :slightly_frowning_face:


thats very sad, we dont event set minimum and even if you score 0 we don’t kick anyone.


And unless your region is weak as shit you probably dont place high.

If your fine with that fine. But the more a faction wants to rise the more turnover there will be.

Even when you get a solid crew there will be turnover for various reasons.

Long time player or not like you said you missed multiple events an missed multiple minimums.

Unless thats the norm or was discussed with leadership or you didnt look too bad cause others were similar then it sucks a bit…But if your sticking out like a sore thumb and others are putting forth the effort especially if you guys missed potential better placement cause of a few slackers then buh bye cause people will look at that an be extra pissed off…

But not knowing you your faction or region any of it is possible…


Where factions once did not have options, now they do. Therefor the expectations on each player can rise.

Why keep a loyal player that hurts the team more than helps? If this player is so loyal, why are they failing to meet the teams expectations?


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:100:. Not cool to be a slacker and let everyone else do all the work


True. I see your point.

For me, specifically, I’ve had a few real life obligations that kept me from hitting minimums recently. The loyalty from me is that I have consistently contributed and helped the faction since I have joined and I intended to continue doing so. However, and perhaps due to the rise in expectations as you pointed out, leadership decided to just boot me instead.


Usually if you have been with them for a while, as long as you give them notice in advance that you won’t be around they understand


That wasn’t my point. I wasn’t saying that it’s okay to be a slacker and let others do the work.

My question is…are the changes in the game driving a change in how we view one another as factionmates?


Because they have a life outside of a game that comes first. Some things just can’t be helped. That’s how I see it, anyway, but I know that many live on the game and don’t expect you to have a life. :pensive:


This is the reason I never respect anyone they all talk ponys and rainbows then boot out buddies or Loyal bros for silly reasons.


If you are having real life issues then you step out for the time that you are gonna be busy and then come back if that’s still an option. Dont put your friends in a disadvantage position by staying




true fact and 7 chars


its not about having obligations to take care of, or having a life, we all have those. i think just being straight up with your leadership can go a long way. if youre telling them what your situation is and keeping them in the loop, im sure they can accomodate you…until they cant. at that point, you will probably get replaced. loyalty is also what you can bring to the table, supporting the factions vision, and adhering to whatever protocol your leadership has set forth. i know for me, i hate to be kept in the dark about things, if your busy, say something, give us a heads up so we can make adjustments accordingly; logistics is a big thing when youre running a faction. this is just my view on things running a top tier faction on almost 3+ years, take it how you will.


Loyalty in this game has always been hit and miss.

You need a faction that has out in the extra work to keep members like you.

But if you didn’t let them know about your situation or the events you would miss then…that’s on you I think.


I’ve seen 3 types of loyalty decay since transfers hit, and each one is feeding into the other - loyalty from the faction, loyalty from the player, and loyalty to the region.

From the faction - Lots of mid-rank facs with exaggerated notions of themselves saw transfers as a potential gateway to the top 3, and with little thought to those players who helped keep them afloat during tough times went on a booting frenzy expecting to get a bevy of max milestone players and elevate themselves.
Instead what happened was these inbound players were naturally flighty, stayed for 1 or 2 events then left. And the booted players, too aggrieved at how they were treated, opted to go elsewhere too. Which lead to the fac finding itself in a worse position than before, or maybe in no position at all, having imploded as a result of their inability to accept their limitations.

From the player - Plenty of facs kept under-par players with the intention of helping them learn & improve, essentially letting them coast for a long period of time in the hopes that they would become productive in the long run, so for those players who grew because of (and potentially at the expense of) the faction to leave at literally the first opportunity can be taken as a slap in the face. Rocky V all over again.

To the region - This one is a little trickier as there are several factors at play. Many factions pledged loyalty to whatever region they were in prior to transfers. But as soon as they hit and the influx of mega factions began, it seemed apparent that their loyalty was not to the region but rather to being able to get top 10 prizes with little effort. And to be honest I can see their point.
You reap what you sow; when you’ve been playing a game - any game - for 3 years, things should be getting easier, not harder. After that length of time regardless of what end of the leaderboard you usually find yourself, you have to be experiencing some degree of burnout no matter how much you enjoy the game. So to suddenly have to double or triple your output is bad enough, but when it’s only to maintain ranking rather than increase it? Where’s the payoff?
In CRW when you match a top 5~ faction you are essentially matching with a region’s #1 - that’s fine in CRW where the rewards are decent up to 25th, but in AoW where reward structure has remained stagnant and increased/decreased activity has no bearing?

There is also that bigger question of what actually makes a region your region? When you see the landscape change so much - new factions entering, old factions leaving, old factions that stay becoming almost unrecognisable with so many new players, at what point are you even still playing on the same region you pledged loyalty to in the first place?


Doesn’t really matter. If I bust my ass do I want to be dragged down because a few are less hardcore than I.

No one needs to compromise anymore.