Is limited edition dwight better as defense leader instead of lydia?


i like his leaderskill. i thought of making him leader of my team on defense and use lydia for attacking. what do you think.


I consider Lydia more of defense lead, but make a team run some raids and see what happens


ok the reason i was deciding to usee dwight because my sandy and carson use rushes on turn 2 usually and i think with dwight leading and taking damage ap they can use ar earlier


Lydia is ascendable, dwight isnt, lydia revives, dwight doesnt. Can u see where im getting at?


im not removing lydia from my team. im just thinking of good team ideas to improve it. i also have governor who has machete that provides ap. thats why im considering dwight leader. i might get defenses more.


I think the problem is that people are assuming your roster to consist of entirely 6*s. Miiiiiiight have been beneficial to tell people of that beforehand. Dwight is more likely better as a defense leader while you still run 5*s on your team, but I would keep leveling Lydia and switch to her as soon as Dwight’s usefulness plummets.


oh okay sorry i didnt mean to mislead people if i did. ty for the help too


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