Is levelling toons only purpose of this game?

I mean rewards for SR = upgrade gear, some medals. Solo lvl up - some gear, some toons, ascendance fodder. Raid events - toons to upgrade, some 5star gear. Since we are getting no new F2P 6stars, it seems that this game is solely dedicated to those customers, who decide to spend their hard earned money. What about the rest? Who needs a ton of gear, just to hoard it? I think it is safe to presume that more than half the players are F2P and you need them to keep going, in order to saturate the regions (unless you want to introduce bot players).

I don’t mind that much, I am at count of 13 6stars, most of them t3lvl80, but still see a lot of players, who weren’t that fortunate or didn’t grind as hard as I did. You are on brink of losing even more players than you already did. Even I get bored, since I grind for the sake of grinding itself.