Is Lee or Magna better from the depot?

I’m assuming Magna due to Pete and the ability to hold a stun gun.


Magna. Lee won’t be able to protect Clem from S-Class Christa


Magna because of the stun gun

Lee has stun as his active skill but magna can force everyone to hit her and get stunned

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Dont discount abso axe on lee if you have one as most arent using disarm atm.

I have both. Magna is better shield and damage wise. Can hold a stun gun too. Lee is okay in sr. But I like the chaos and conserve lee better.

That’s 100% not true . Actually when I was playing the game . When I see a sheild I feel happy . Cause it means I am having a battle of 5 against 4

I’d go Magna, but rather use Ajax from 5* tokens.

Unless you are using another buffer magna is a 1000 times better than ajax.


Neither, both die turn one.

Depends on the player’s use of the HS ultimately

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No 40% buff is better than anything ajax brings at this stage of game. Ajax on defense gg you have lost.

I got Magna - and i have been really happy with her, tank her up a bit with Mods and a weapon, and off you go, one of my faction mates grabbed Lee and chucked him in as a supporter, hes ok, but side by side Magna is the more effective toon,


Ajax’s taunt can stop certain enemies from using their ARs/active, which can be more useful than a 40% attack buff.

We’re talking situational circumstances at the end of the day. Since I already run Harper, her defense debuff is enough and I’d rather have control over than taking a risk against enemies with ARs/actives that can stop my plans.

I don’t use Ajax(mainly because I don’t have stun on him yet), but it’s why I love Kyle so much. I pretty much lock down 3 enemies permanently unless they run confuse resist(which is unlikely compare to stun/taunt resist) or have focus. I don’t have to worry about Mia using her active/AR when outlast triggers, or worry about Pete/Sergio stalling by healing with their actives.

Well you play a lower tier of the game so I guess ajax could make more sense.

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What’s not true?

For sure Magna, she is a good Supporter as well!!

Magna is a great offensive shield to use imo


I dig Lee as my attk shield. Ap down helps v these 1turn defenses. I also have stun Ajax, so never really considered Magna.

Magna forcing everyone to attaque her and get stunned. That’s ridiculous

Magna by far. That being said don’t use her on defense because Priya one shots her. On offense, magna can active a 40% attack buff to your team and stun while shielding, her rush is also modestly useful with def down and impair.

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