Is Leagues Sandy really that Good?

For anyone who got sandy from the leagues depot, is she worth her price? I just got 25k and have both Naya and Tara as well, so I wanted to know whether her abilities such as the active revive is worth it. I already have Mackenzie and Violet who both have AS revive as well. From what I’ve seen, she can be used effectively in a rainbow team due to the universal lead skill she has. Should I go for it or wait to see what’s available next season?

Depends if you really need a lead, shes ok but just an annoyance as i kill her with greens, the taunt and active revive skill is cool tho

I wouldn’t pass her up. Her active skill is great and there’s always time to get more season trophies next season.


Yes she’s good. You answered your own question partly.

Her rainbow lead skill can be valuable and her revive active isn’t that amazing by itself, but it might surprise some people. Anyone who’s worth anything on offense should have one of your characters dead by the time it’s ready to go off. What you didn’t mention is that her rush and the other part of her active are great for crowd control.

My personal setup…

She fits my needs but may not fit yours. Everything has a counter and no one toon changes your world defensively.


Implied defense since everything about this character and my use of her is defensive


Actually, a disarm would change a lot of players’ worlds

Lol, OK, I apologise if I offended you…

exactly it is a whole new world since i got my blue michonne.

about original question i am still in doubt to buy any of the ascendables for this season but since i have over 50k tokens probably i ll buy them all just for the sake of not passing on them and see what we get for next season and i ll have time to more tokens in next season also.

Well he did mean defence.

Back to topic… I think if you had to select just one of the 3 ascendables, it would be Sandy for me. I do not think Tara is worth the tokens. Naya is fun with her firestarter (but apparently it is bugged). I got Sandy (for her active revive) and Naya (for the firestarter ability)

A weak red with low amount of turns and only revive 2x so can’t really get the loop going with her and she’s generation 1 me thinks.I would consider saving see what’s in s3.

You answered your own question mate with the right set up she’s a don

if you use her on attack team yes on defence not doing great job

I use her on my attack team, and she’s worth a lot. Also put her on my def team and get a good number of defends. Highly recommended.

Hey how do you mod her on attack? HP mos with attack or def with atk?

It’s a bleed based team; she’s there to provide lead skill, control on active skill, and control on rush with the upside of being able to revive in case someone dies. With her, Anna and Princess, you can keep most of the enemy toons taunted every turn, and it’s hard to start the revive loop if you’re taunted.

So the mods are the obvious stun and impair resist, bleed, defense against blue, and extra survivability (hp mod and defense set). She won’t deal a lot of damage, but Anna and bleed, burn. lacerate do.

i use mine on atk super handy vs shield/revive combos. andrea lead, pops pretty quick, handy as taunt on AR and AS. put a stun gun on her and you have a good chance of stunning one of those who you taunted if not both.

How i have mine set up for atk:

2 Likes and the start it was a Yea but now its a Big no, I have Erick, Hunter Blue Carl Solange and Koa, so too much for me and no space for her if you are running out of revivals maybe

I recommend the league Sandy, her revive and bonus HP is very helpful.

She’s not very good imo. I personally went for Tara and I’m saving my tokens up for the characters coming out in the future.

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She isn’t that good but only reason I have her is because I can already buy all of the next seasons toons already.

Active revive toons are among the trickiest in the game (mac, violet, Gabriel). She’s got some value even though she’s an alert character (alert is the most vulnerable in the game because of all the heavy hitting blue toons that are available). All in all, she’s def worth a buy if you have the tokens. Saving them for season three isn’t the best idea since we don’t know what’s coming and there will be more than enough time to get more tokens.

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