Is league store bag going to be fixed?

As far as I understand, these bags work as “placeholders”. Each bag can have up to 6 sets of 4 items each. Are you by any chance in beta?

Nope, its not mine. Im reporting other people who expected trainers as thats what was advertised from the get go. If there is an issue the proper thing would be to take these bags down until its fixed or not fixed…

That would be the proper thing to do. I have yet to see Scopely comment on it. Communication at its finest.

My bags are showing the same items (bloody shirts, vials) that’s why I´m asking if this was happening in beta (I am). I don’t know if there’s some kind of disclaimer regarding bugs while signing up to beta, but in any case, I agree those bags shouldn’t be up if they are not working as expected.

I’m not in Beta and I have the shirts and vials show up

Any sight of a formal communication?

@Jesuz - Thanks for the report - This new issue has been escalated to the team for a fix.


Never said you’d get the trainers. This has been happening since the start if the game

This has now being fix

@spanglerz indeed :slight_smile: This issue has now been fixed.


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