Is league store bag going to be fixed?

@GR.Scopely any fix coming soon for the bag?

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They could just delete them and give us another season exclusive toon


lmao :joy:
never noticed it! no fellow survivor its a new feature not a bug!
Keep on surviving…i guess!

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Will anything be fixed is the question


Oh man! are those the coveted bloody shirts that are included on several “Special offers” that increase the price of these so called offers? you’re a lucky man if you pull one of those. Jokes aside, these are the Placeholder bags that they usually put on some bags, question is, why are they even Placeholders when the actual bags are supposed to be in league store :thinking:

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Sorry dude, but scopely needs some rng in there to screw players over. I’d expect a bag with 99.5% chance for a grenade and 0.5% chance for the new league toon.

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Lol. Love that answer and pic

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@GR.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely hello? Any word?

If you photoshop 10K coins into the picture, they’ll respond and have a fix before you can even say ‘Scopely sucks’.


Still no word but looks like it’s fixed now

I claim 1 without knowing :frowning:

I did 3 :frowning:

This is Scopely for you, the season like last season opens with 20 bags of trainers in the league store at 2k season tokens a pop & to add you dont get to open them, you are supposed to trust you got trainers in your roster. Fast forward a couple weeks into new season, a few people have been baited by dirty tactics & also anyone seen any communication on why they took trainers out & put in items that arent even useful being sold at same price as trainers?!


It’s a glitch calm down, for some reason bags will register with those rewards. I dont know why it does it.

I think that is just a preset for that bag. It’s happened in the past many times too in other areas. They either forget to load the new content into the bag or its used as a placeholder. Still shouldn’t be live in game 5 weeks in.

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Well their first mistake is not letting people open these bags, this would clear up the confusion. I already got mine they day they were available, but i have a couple people saying they have no extra trainers in their roster. Clearly though a reputable company would have a pinned post here stating the fact that there are still trainers regardless of what it says.

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Scopely gonna Scopely

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Please show me the trainers? This was just pulled from said “glitch”…


I bought all of my bags at the start of the season and had no issue with receiving the wrong reward.