Is Laopo any good?

With the cakes from territories and bead stash I have enough to claim 5s Laopo. Question is… Is she any good? Or is it better to go for keys/cones? 85 AP seems a bit slow

Personally don’t see any use in Laopo but depends on your team! I went for ice cream cones and very close to getting Priya :slight_smile:


She’s a beast
I use her in atk exhaust and the daze

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Depends 90% of your roster and how great your team build skills are

If I go cones I’ll still be halfway through getting 5s Priya. Roster is average (have a few gen2 promos), but nothing special. So far there are only a few teams that I cant beat, but things will change quickly with S toons.

I can make her rush turn 2

personally I would go Priya first… simply because of her weapon disabling with 100% the various docs/raven around.
Lead skill and rush are pretty usefull as well.

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85ap isnt that big of a deal, defense gets a boost to ap, she has huge bonus when taking damage, can have huge when attacking and can rush, during the time, lydia was a beast and has 85ap, lao po is an even bigger monster. Her rush is also beast but it depends on your team, do you have good melee toons to go behind her? Also she is defense and we know defense in this game lasts like a week. Honestpy depends on your roster, if you can make a better melee defense team then go with lao po, if you can make a better range attack team go for priya, etc

Usually use Alice team on attack, but recently moving more towards Camilla because my melee toons give me better control. I don’t think I would use her as my attack lead. Probably will go with Camilla and Laopo behind her.

Dont have any promo range attack toons. Have Morgan, Tobin, and Christa, but they dont give me control (confuse, taunt, impair, etc)

Probably will go for Laopo because I can have her now. And her rush looks good.

She disarm the ar really good a little slow ar points

Always always go for attack first. Even if it might take you longer.

I was thinking of using Laopo on attack behind Camila to rush her t2 or t3 if I need to use Exhaust.

Ive been using same 2 attack teams for the past 6months :roll_eyes:

Ah I see.seems as though you don’t have diego which is a bummer.

I think she could be good on attack but I would have preferred the -50 to be defense instead of attack. She will certainly help you win most matches, but she will win it slower for you than if you got priya. She’s a good control toon though for sure.

No Diego. I know it will probably take me 2 extra turns. Until now I was using 5stars on my attack and usually t2 and t3 most. I need to replace them with someone, and despite me being P13 I have no toons (didnt need the VP to tell me that im in the lowest bucket)

5* laopo sucks in this new sclass meta. if u have a choice just gun for the sclass pete.
also did u get james or christa?


Didnt want to get keys because right now they are realtively easy to get (have 5k so far without winning any solo event)

I’ve got regular 6* Laopo maxed out and inserting him into my Diego attack team and/or my defense team this war (not sure which, or maybe both). I’m thinking of modding him with: Attack, Defense, Def vs. Red, Stun resist, AP down. Gave him a Huge AP, stun weapon.

Will report back on how things go.

Laopo is female…

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