Is konrad still useful?


just got him and is wondering if he is


Are you fighting teams of t3 5*s?


honestly no


Then no he’s not


Mine is. He’ll have over 2k health by the time he gets maxed.


And get one shotted by tyreese


You act like there’s no melee attack teams. 80% of my raid losses come from melee teams.


ok i got it thanks


For sure, the blue one


Red one can work too. Just matters on how you use him


As fodder


5* shields are worthless unless it’s a new region and it’s in the 1st 3 maybe 4 months but also you need the right weapon


Odds are you will be running that type of leader so if it’s old vet odds are they have multiple att team set ups


He can be good. Only free shield there is (only 5 Star Red one anyways) and I know a few timeout teams that have him. He can definitely be useful


I guess I have 5* shields don’t even uses a 5* on a def is a death sentence most of time for that toon could be dead 1st or 2nd turn. Michonne is only shield you can kind of get a way with on def 5* wise but you need abs and greens with stun weapons


Nice Pull! Place 40 crit on his shotguns then you can easily take down any Erika team.


And yet if you buff it up (especially Konrad) he could live a bit more than just 2 turns.


We had a guy in my region that changed his weapon to stun it would throw you off at 1st


Why would anyone raid a ranged team with melee? What horrible region do you play in? He’s useless.


Blue Konrad is really useful.

Shield Konrad is somewhat competitive on less-than-one-year-old servers. My Konrad team could hold roughly up to the top 250 raid ranking on the server, but not much higher.

He needs every defense/hp bonus to be usable though. Mods, leader, weapon… and you’ll need some nice 6 stars behind him taking advantage of his shielding to keep the enemy team occupied.

If you are on a server where it’s common to see teams with full stun and impair guns, then there probably aren’t any usable 5 stars there.