Is it wrong to ghost your faction to jump regions?

I have been loyal to my mid level faction for 3 years. I have built a pretty good team as most members have fallen by the way side. Most of the faction mates I started with have quit or slowly stopped being active. I don’t want to join a new faction I would rather change my name and jump regions to just become a a regular member in a high level faction instead of carrying a dying faction. Is this wrong to do? I feel like I’m the only one keeping us going.

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No… it’s not wrong. Sounds like you have put in a lot if time with your faction and it’s just now time to move on to make your gaming experience better. Ghosting gives you the opportunity for fresh start.

If you have any friends on there I would at least try to stay in contact to get updates on what’s happening and all that but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to do.

It’s like changing jobs. You feel sad but you have to move on because it’s not right for you any more.

If you still have mates in your old faction, encourage them to move with you. If they don’t want to, it sounds like you Take the game more seriously than they do.

So yes, move on but stay in touch with them.

It’s not wrong at all to be strong cut off all ties and emotions(I stole that off a movie)

Do whatever makes ur playing experience fun. I’ve learned it’s not your job to carry anyone. It actually can cause resentment towards others. Give your buddies your line info or whatever and tell them to message if they ever get back into the game.

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