Is it worth starting another account on an old phone for fun

to just play on when you’re out of energy and nothing to do on main account


I’d personally invest in a new game.


i play a lot of other games its just this one has me hooked lol

Lol. Well maybe it is then. :thinking:

Setting up a mini is quicker if you’re not going to spend to build up prestige but it’s a lot easier than it used to be.

Also, you could hire your services out as a level 2 gen for all those people moaning that some people have level 2 gens to cause an imbalance in the game. Hehehehe


i dont spend on main acc either

It’ll be slow going to start off with but it’s quite awesome seeing how your team will develop differently every time.

I’m thinking about starting again with google play to get coins from tapjoy offers.

yeah i use ranged mostly on main and i think ill try going an entirely different direction with new acc

I have alt accs elsewhere that i should start messing around with cause i need all them coins from different reigons. but then again i dont have access to my phone so why does that even matter?

Only get coins from your highest ranking region each week. Every promotion bar the top one (which may not give you the highest coin return) is wasted.

You might be able to get coins if you rank in all champions arenas though. Hard work.

it definately pays off though

How can it pay off?

coins for summoning or coins for generally anything

No, if your intentions are getting fun, fun isn’t in Scopely’s plans


They have brainwashed you my man.

Find a new better game that actually likes their players lol

i play a ton of games like mk mobile, castle cats, fallout shelter, marvel strike force, marvel future fight, marvel contest of champions