Is it worth refreshing the Depot for a chance at Eric?

My depot just refreshed and no Eric (whomp whomp). I have about 1200 coins left. Would it be worth it to do maybe 1-3 refreshes?


i have flipped my depot over 30 times trying for eric since he became ascendable… nada


The other day I asked the same question, then did it and he popped up first refresh


Save your coins instead.

It is miracle comments like this that gives me hope lol

Nope save ur coin

spanglish, Me like it

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At least you get to stock up on fills would be a bright side if you don’t get him. And as for every toon it always depends on who you already have.


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Just ascend 4* toughs for him.

I’d save the coins, done this once back in the day in search of Andrea ( 5* era ) and wasted about 2100 coins… solo pulled her with my last 250… ironic eh

No I have spent thousands of coins trying to get blue ty in mine and hasnt shown up in mine since 6*s came out

Oh I am…on my 10th one…reminds me the time I did this for Siddiq…funny I never got an Eric any of those times…sad life.

I think you should do it and if it fails spend some more to try again. Why wait when you can roll the dice right?

Keep surviving

No ascend blue 4*s hes in there. So much cheaper unless you consistently buy coins and 1200 coins is not a big deal.

no I wouldn’t waste the coin. I’ve ascended probably 100 blue 4*s trying to get siddiq, and in the process I got 3 Eric’s. So If you don’t have siddiq, I’d just go the ascension route and you may end up with one of the 2 if your lucky.

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I say yes i did it with my league coins and it work out well after four weeks…

Lol I had it the other way around. 5 blue Ascension attempts got me 2 Siddiq.

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Same, I remember getting 2 siddiqs & 2 major gavins at the time (go commands lol)

Eric however seems much harder to come by.

4 weeks? Lol might as well go ascension route and its free.
Ill be honest it only took me 2 tries, donnie took 1, and carly took 2 i think. I got lucky but i hadnt seen eric in my depot for a good while. Unfortunately there’s not a solid rotation. You could go a year without ever getting one to show up. I use to occasionally refresh depot in hope of 5 cans instead of paying 200 a pop without offers and I rarely got ascendables show up.