Is it worth keeping a 5* Mirabelle to ascend if I already have 6* Mirabelle?


I just pulled a Second miraboobs,I already have a 6* of her. Is it worth keeping her to ascend her? She wouldn’t be ascended any time soon.


I mean…

Two is better than the number one…


Uso 3 mirabelle,nunca é de mais


I’d keep her if nothing else than levelups. I have a dupe Ty and an ascendabke Abe, Yumiko and Barker and a soon-to-be-ascendable Lori and Hunter. I don’t have the medals to ascend any of them right now. But more than likely, Lori will get priority. Basically if they are ascendable, they get maxed. Whether or not they get ascended is another story…


you can make a good ftp team with two 6* Mira’s


i have 3…keep one unascended for command and fast rush…


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