Is it worth it to play in a beta region?

The other day when I was going to my second region, i accidentally joined a beta region. For some reason there were beta regions at the top of my list instead of my other region. I had to finish the tutorial then switched back to my other region. Is it worth it to play on the beta? What is it exactly?

No dont do it. Its for testing new events…but its crap they should dissolve beta testing

Beta is supposed to try new things out before releasing them. The fact Scopely released a thing that wasn’t tested and had many bugs, ways to exploit it kinda speaks for itself. Stay away from that sht if you can
Edit: also I heard people had serious problems to play in their main regions after they were playing in beta so again, I wouldn’t recommend playing beta at all.


Pros for beta:

  • You get to try and see new stuff before it’s released
  • You are given premier toons once in a while, which is kinda fun and let’s you mess around with them
  • In any events, they offer coins as rewards.
  • There is little maintenance. You get unlimited food, Lilliths drop like mad (just farm 1-1 in world map), unlimited survivors, you can max a character tier using a single character, and gear is super cheap in the depot.

Cons for beta:

  • Armory costs and timers are the same as main and you get no weapon help, so your weapons will completely suck.
  • Wood production is normal, so you’ll be hurting for wood.
  • Active trainers are scarce.
  • You need to level up to level 30 if you want to use a full 6* team.
  • Most importantly: bugs from beta sometimes appears in your main region. I have not seen this happen lately.

DO NOT DO IT! bugs will persist through your main region. Plus they just ignore any bigs you find anyway.

Pretty much any Beta version of any software comes with a disclaimer that bugs may be present and may have an effect on usage.

@Hear_no_evil don’t participate in Beta if you don’t fully understand the risks.

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Thank you guys for the advice :slight_smile: i don’t think I’m going back to it lol i have a decent roster in my main and i don’t want it getting messed up

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