Is it worth going for Lucas?

Is it worth going for Lucas?

I used my necklaces to go up to grade 4 to Shiva and I still have many to go up but I do not know if I go and get Lucas or I keep raising my 6 *

I got Lucas I now have 48 more days to get gear I’m sure I’ll be able to t4 several toons I’m loving this event If you do not already have Lucas get him if you have him don’t That way you won’t regret it later


I don’t know friend. He’s not bad but I already have Siddiq and the Governor. Lucas is kind of similar to both and I’m not sure if I will throw my resources into a toon that I’m on the fence about. Vincent and Rick are both sitting un-ascended in my roster from previous events. That being said, you do need to look at your roster and see if he’ll work with what you already have. His leader skill is good but it’s restricted by trait. You can throw him behind someone like Mirabelle and his rush will lock up a few toons before the Gov can get there.

I’m focusing on gear for now and if I have loads of necklaces leftover towards the end I will grab Lucas as well because I like… to catch em all. Keep in mind the event is 60 days long and we have 47 days left. Good luck with what you decide.

I have the following 6 *

You will always have opportunities for T4 gear, you won’t get a guaranteed chance for Lucas again anytime soon.


With Mira your only red he may be a consideration. Get gov when he pops up in the depot as well. Mira is a good leader for all ranged. Makes a pretty good mixed ranged team with Lucas Mira Yuki, but you are short on ranged for a full team.

wait until we see what lori looks like. Then decide. Also wait to see the new ascendable list, if theres lots of reds in it lucas might come in handy

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And when will that list come out? I have a lot of red 5 * but I would like to have the Governor, it hurts that it does not come out in my supply store and I do not have the necessary points to exchange it, I am in a dilemma.

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Heard the new ascendance list is gonna be out tomorrow, might be false though.

Also I’m working on a full 6 star range team so I’m working on Lucas.

I got Wyatt and Vincent to T3 because of this event. Gonna keep them there and go for Lucas now. When that’s done, I’m getting more T3 gear. That’s my plan anyway.

In less than 24 hours. Kali posted a countdown clock

I think Lucas will be great on attack against melee teams… getting AR off quickly will be very helpful.

Gear all the way. Guaranteed T4ing 4 6* is way better. Unless you wanna roll with an all alert stun team lol.

I was thinking double mirabelle’s and double governor’s behind him… I don’t think anything is great on defense so I think on attack only anymore. I think this team would be very fast to end melee teams.


My philosophy is that the gear will always Be available f2p…
[insert ascendable here] might not always be

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IMHO, no

I’ve never passed on a toon before when given the option even if I had no intention to ascend them (Wyatt, Vincent, Rick, all claimed and unascended), but I might pass on Lucas.
He’s not terrible, but given the choice I’d take the Governor over him any day of the week. A slightly slower but harder hitting rush with an extra turn of impair is a much better tradeoff than a random toon getting 40% AP. Rushes going off faster is always nice, but Siddiq/Glenn can command to the same effect, and with them also bringing confuse/impair etc. to the table I’d much rather have that. Leader skill is “okay”, but only affecting alerts it would most likely only benefit whales with Erikas/Hershels/Andreas etc. And if you’re a whale, why aren’t you running an Erika lead? Recover confuse is nice, provided of course he’s not the one being confused. Unlike focus which can be applied preemptively it’s relying a lot on luck.

Back when even top teams only had 1x T4 toon, getting your own team past T3 wasn’t really a priority. So one toon on an opponent’s team took maybe an extra hit or 2 to take out, big whoop. Now, with every top team running 5x T4L90s, those 1 or 2 hits are suddenly 5 or 10, and that can be the dividing line between winning or losing a raid. So I would say T4 gear is now a much greater priority than it was before. If you’re raiding/warring at a top level anyway.

This event is extremely generous. In fact, the debate between “Lucas or gear” could be entirely moot. Compare it to previous ones - if you had hit most or all milestones in every tourney by the end of the event, you could either choose between a potentially useful toon (if you had bad luck with pulls, ascendance, had no 6* lead etc.), or a handful of RNG-based gear that may not even be enough to get a single toon to T4.
At that point, going for the toon and keeping your options open seemed like the best choice. This one? 10 days into a 60 day event, if you were even half-trying you’d have enough for Lucas and an assortment of gear. If the necklaces continue at this rate it may be possible to claim almost everything! Of course that’s far from a certainty.

There is the attitude that T4 gear will be easy to get, whereas ascendable toons will not. Maybe it will be, but when? This even could be an aberration; for all we know the faucet could be turned off again for weeks, maybe months after this one is over.
Remember those players who had the attitude that the ascendance medal bonanza we got when 6* toons hit would be permanent? The ones who jumped in feet-first and ascended 3 yellow Negans, and have been whining on the forum ever since about the perceived “lack” of legendary medals? It made sense to stockpile them then, it makes sense to stockpile gear now. Even for players that don’t have toons ready for T4, at the very least I’d be snapping up those Canteens + GPSes like nobody’s business.

When Wyatt was up for grabs, most players had very limited teams and in that sense he was pretty desirable. I think a lot of players’ rosters have evolved since then, and with the (painfully slow, yes) rollout of legacy toons we’re gradually seeing a change in their lineups, and with the new ascendance list (hopefully) out tomorrow, we should see that trend continue. To that end, a toon like Lucas who would’ve looked pretty amazing back in the days of Wyatt, now looks pretty mediocre and a lot easier to pass up than a few months ago. If I have enough excess necklaces at the end I’ll definitely still take him, but he is down with practice dummies/knife sheaths on the priority list for now.


I mean Lucas isn’t by most means a great 6 star, but for a free one, and alert, I’d take him just because there aren’t many free ascendable alerts roaming around.


Great post. Very well said. The Governor is so much better than Lucas in every single way.

My advice is to grab all the GPS and Canteens. Grab as much of the t4 gear as possible so you don’t have to put up 2 million in a level up for a single piece. Then grab as much t3 gear as needed. Then and only then grab Lucas. Unless your gonna put him on the team immediately he will just be another unascended toon riding the bench.