Is it worth doing the last 17 pull for the epic Daiyu?

I already pulled her legendary form.

Why would do 83 for 1 to not do 17 for the second…

I wasn’t sure if she was worth getting the second one or to save my coins.

Lmao if you werent sure why pull in the 1st place

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Without a second 6* version, you can t get the s class version

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If it’s only 17 pulls then yea it’s worth it

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You’ll save 2k cards so do it

Yup, just get the 2nd now

Ok I got the second one :+1:

Can’t tell if this is meant as a joke or not. Since you need 2 6* Daiyu to convert for the S Class and you are 17 pulls away from that second Daiyu, why wouldn’t you just finish? Going 83 pulls in for a toon you aren’t sure of and then still questioning whether to do the last 17 to get the second seems silly.


Should I do the remaining 99 for a second? :smile:


Lmao great reply

That’s so funny pee pee poo poo haha