Is it worth Coming back

I quit the game at the end of August 2018 once college started up. Some of my friends still played the game and say shit hit the fan. So is it worth it to come back?

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No, be free


I hope you’re not looking for a balanced argument here lol


Im personally enjoying the game but because i make up fun shit to do, u are free now go do big things in life. Hell wish i could stop playing this game lol

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Stay out of the game mate. It hasn’t gotten any better (I mean, if you’ve actually read the forums you’d know)

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Enjoyment is a matter of perspective.

If ftp, you will be quite a bit behind unless you are sitting on some legacies thst might be ascendable as they’ve released Gen 2 legendaries that are a significant stat boost above the Gen 1.

Noticeable Ftp toons include since you left

Ftp From leagues
Nic (gen2)
Shawn (gen2)

Special events also offered some options for grinders.
Sandy (decap)
Bruce (disarm)

It’ll take a while to be able to handle these consistently.

If premier player
It’s scaling same as always. A few premiers will take you beyond the typical baseline offerings.


Most of the toons you listed are no longer usable/viable lol, gen 2s are what’s going to run everything soon.

Agree but use the lens of this player has the toons from 6 months ago.

How will they perform against those who obtained these? It will be a challenge.

As with everything the game will continue to creep. But the latency to catch up will likely be 3-6 months and then that will be with limited depth.

Gen 2 legendaries are a smaller step than the 5s to 6s (post buff). The toons you have will be adding diversity for a good while.

What I’d give to be in your delicious pickle of a situation :pray:

I think you already know the answer.


That picture clean af


I wouldn’t come back if I were you.
You’d just get sucked into this game.
Save your time and money

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yeah don’t m8 most of us only conitnue cause we love our faction brothers if u are out keep urself out

Awesome thanks for everyone’s feedback. I think a one time purchase of far cry new dawn will do the trick. Thanks again and carry on.


Yeah it’s worth coming back alright.

Just to nuke all your roster and weapons to the supply depo.


friend…lead a good life and stay away from rts

if you have a few 1000$ to spent you are more than welcome

Wtf is gen2?

Every post above says it all

Basically, you know how there are generals in war. And they give a 20% defense bonus. Now there is a thing called gen 2 that give + 85% Def to all in their camp. But you can only have one per war

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Thanks 4 the answer :smile: