Is it time to start enjoying the game again?

For me, the game seems to be slightly getting better. I mean, some leaked ascendable characters are here (Glenn is the one everybody knows). There is the 6* Gator coming soon (which I’m petty excited about because he can be obtained through ascendance), and he seems to be nice looking. Then there are the new-ish login rewards, which hopefully become permanent because we could all use some fodder for ascendance. Overall, I think I’m starting to enjoy the game again…


Ok, one question… Where to use Gator? I mean, drops everywhere were nerfed. Gear are non farmable. Events are non farmable.

So what is the point to get Gator anyway? "/


They have made a few steps in the right direction, but don’t start throwing a parade yet. We all know the track record


Well that was the aim, wasn’t it? Lower the expectation bar so low that even a small squeaking on rusty wheels seem like scopelybus is going 200mph. These are simply drops in a sea of needed improvements, at least it is player related.

Yea exactly. And people feeding right into it. I’m glad to see a few positive things but im not ready to sing any praises. Lost 3 coleads in 2 months because of the bar lowering and seeing people all over regions quitting daily. There’s a ways to go for it to be on the right path


just enjoy the game, no need to stressed out, pls chill, relax, inhale-exhale :slight_smile:

remember, this is just a g a m e ok . :slight_smile:


“it’s Just a game”

Yeah. How about the money they made and customers pay? Just a game my arse -.-


I’m very chill :laughing:

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It’s still bad and all. I’m not trying to praise it as amazing, but it just seems a bit brighter.

Have to give credit where credit is due, scopely appears to be making small extensions of the olive branch. It is too early to tell whether this will continue on a positive path restoring / rebuilding relations between the company and user base.

We have all had our hopes lifted before only to be let down with a thunderous bitchslap off the top rope.

For now I am in the wait and see camp but do like the direction they appear to be heading in.


Agreed. I’m by no means bashing. I appreciate these things they have down as a step in the right direction and hope that they continue to do more. But I will wait and see before I start singing great praises


Things do seem to be headed in the right direction and I will take that for now. Anything really to try and stay positive. If they are willing to meet us halfway that would be a major step in the right direction. We shall see but I have faith. If they want to keep making money they will have to and in the end that should be the motivation for them to correct the mistakes.

you sound like a baby back bi…millenial

<o/ :smiley: ^^

Things certainly seem a little bit better, like someone has actually been reading the survey results.

A lot of things we’ve seen recently are standard basics in other games - daily log in rewards for example - it makes me wonder whether their icy hearts are melting or whether these are desperate acts to keep the fans from abandoning the game en masse. I suspect the latter.

Death notes event is a promising start to resolving some of the outright stinginess we’ve seen, but it’s still not enough. Even the most stingy of games I’ve played in the past have given away twice as much free stuff to keep you coming back. Maybe lessons are being learned.


The beginning of a few tiny things that imo are standard nothing special. Granted due to the past 6 months feels like a godsend, but don’t be so quick to just forget history. Let them keep ramping up efforts for 3-6 months before you can start kissing their asses. I appreciate the efforts by kali and others answering, and pushing community needs but 2 rights in a sea of wrong is where we are now.



When we have been starving for so long any little thing looks fantastic. Le’ts hope scopes has learned a lesson and stops being so tight with everything. Time will tell…


Oh yes, definite lesson learned, sure, why not.


Lots of people are excited about Glenn, so take that for what it’s worth.

Range defense is just about useless so the meta is severely broken for many.

Can’t force enjoyment, I’m still pretty salty about the painfully slow release of legacy toons. For every one legacy toon they seem to release 4 or 5 new promos (maybe thats an exaggeration but thats how it seems), and I really doubt they will hit their original target time frame for having every existing toon ascendable. I don’t recall the target but I think it was 2 years? I’m pretty unhappy about the way they handled ascendance, and that definitely is a hamper on my enjoyment of the game. Though on the plus side I think that the game play has improved in a lot of ways, especially from the era of T1 teams. But ultimately I feel shafted by a lot of the changes and it seems that legacy toons are not at all scopely’s priority even though they indicated that would be the case.