Is it time for a legacy s-class?

After getting the long awaited promised Maggie, is it time to get a meta relevant s-class from our legacy pool?


I think this would be the way foward. We could even need 2 legacies that could be traded in the muesum for an s-class version, this way it can be limited to 1 or 2 s-class toons.

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Yeah right, and how long you’re going to wait for the release? :joy:

What they could do is, since they can change stats of toons, to crank up the stats of 6* toons this way they do not need to change designs which means less “work” for their programmers. Also a better way to acquire those veteran rings would be appreciated.


They had a leak of s class marlon and rosie but they either fucked off and forgot about it.

No. Legacies turned out to be a terrible idea, let’s not repeat this mistake.

If you really think there should be more free ones (god, why?), ask for new ones. It’s simply the better solution.


They could also crank down the stats of Sclass toons. Both would sort of defeat the purpose, wouldn’t they?.

The leak of S class Marlon and Rosie was a completely new toon (the leak was a green strong version).

I don’t think we will see any existing 6* come out with an S class version.


Yeah I been know that LadyGeek :joy:

A good legacy s class is amber.

Lol she can still destroy s classes, give her roids and she will destroy 3 enemy camps at once

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Making red velvet cake collections for a popular, universal 6* toon is a good way to make an S-version of ‘legacies’

Please god NO! Is already terrible to face 2 free S Class toons (Christa/James and Kapoor) on every single defense since they don’t need to match with leader skills thanks to their OP stats and skills.

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They have to create an S class skill that will devalue a legacy toon becoming S class.

Why they should debuff the stats of sclass toons, now? Most of us have grinded hard to collect items to get them. Lets say you can choose once per month one of your 6* to get better stats. Perhaps in a new simple feauture with a building for the town.

There is no need to add more useless legacy toons (for newer players they’re certainly in some way helpful), also they should decrease the amount of gear needed to upgrade sclass toons before adding more toons to the game. Too many museum’s collections and not enough options to aqcuire gear.

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I’d love to see some legacies get a bump to s-class. But i know it’ll never happen.

Id be happy if they’d just release some legacy ascendables to fill some needed support areas. For example, it’s kinda ridiculous that i still have to rely heavily on 5* toons like OGs Rick and Michonne, Darlene, SR Dr Stevens and a few others for many SR stages. Why can’t we get an easy to obtain alert crit lead? Or some GOOD crit buffers and camo toons as 6*?

Seems to me they’d make a lot of players happy, and wouldn’t have to worry much if they’re meta relevant. Just fill some of these roles while also quickly giving everyone some legacy toons they can find a good use for.

Why should they buff 6* stats now? The whole point of this change is that Sclass is supposed to have better stats and replace the existing characters. Debuffing Sclass would defeat that purpose, but so would buffing regular 6*.

(also how i what you’re describing now not exactly veteran’s rings?).

Yeah there is probably no more need to add new legacies, and people will stop asking for them quickly. Personally I still appreciate them and still have use for them - they give me some hope that I can find a build that will withstand the onslaught of Sclass toons at least sometimes and will allow me to score occasionally in the future. But in makes sense to stop doing them now.

Really, in retrospect they probably should have never had legacy ascendables; with few exceptions, players have been only unhappy with getting them and unhappy with not getting them. If they had been completly new toons, with some way of getting them for free (say a museum collection with particular 5*, or some event, or whatever), I think evenyone would have ended up happier.

Isn’t that veteran feature? Something you add to your already maxed out toons and improve their stats

The reality is that we need more S-Class that anyone can obtain easily… the problem is that the legacy S-Class wont contribute on the Scopely’s sales so kinda hard to see that they develop us Legacy S-Class for free…

Rings don’t matter as it seems that they can be applied to S class as well (at least judging by the cards displayed for S class characters in the museum unless it is a glitch).

If the rings are more available for 6*s they will also be more available for S-Class.

I’ve always had to just stack up behind Erika for the def/HP and add in Rose for the camo (although she is only 3 characters for camo and crit buff)-and hope that I can kill the walkers off fast enough to stay ahead of the damage.

A 6* alert crit leader would be nice, but with the S-class era I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort.

They want us to spend they dont want 6s to be balanced with s class

It’s one of two scenarios . One - the more likely one - is that Scopely doesn’t want a balance. They know those they believe to be the base of their profits will spend for these OP toons. They don’t care about free players or casual spenders.

Or two, they simply don’t know how to properly balance free toons and premiers. I’ve always argued premiers should be better than free or reward toons. A good example is Zach and Regina. Both came out around the same time. Zach is WAY better. He should be better than Regina. But not that extreme.