Is it the time we address the armory exploiting once again

@kalishane this is happening and it’s having a negative impact on your bosses revenue. The price of one special mod is ~10$, you were selling a duct tape for a higher price. These are real feedback from customers of the hackers. This need to be stopped.


Hackers rule this game. That is what they need to fix.


Oh if 4 stuns, impair and abs for 60$ is crap…
Nah they are still hacked, they only put what u want though

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You must be a cheater then

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He was speaking hypothetical, a clear statement that doesn’t mean he’s a child, and he never told anyone to be a cheater, once again it was hypothetical.

‘Honestly’ doesn’t always mean that he wants it or encourages it.

Sure, honest means truth. Saying ‘honestly’ (especially if clearly hypothetical) is a whole different thing.

Sure, it’s a sort of sarcasm you could say.

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That’s not the original topic I was intended to discuss, please don’t let this guy get my post closed once again

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they all look legit to me.

Just looks like a case of blessing from rngesus.
Nothing looks like more than three mods were used.

At most it’s 35[stat type] (30 base plus 5 mod)
30[different stat type] (30 mod)
And a crit special.


Those weapons don’t scream cheat to me. I have better ones after 2+ years of crafting. Keep in mind, some of these regions are YEARS old. Chances are that some people will have a bunch of crit weapons. I have 4 stun guns, 2 abs, 2 revives, 2 ap down, multiple impair on defend and attack, double attack, and I have never spent a dime on Russian hack sites…

Nobody cares, that’s not the point, they’ve been made over night for 10$ each, that’s not how it should be

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Compare 2 years to one night

honestly with all the tapes and kits given going up to lvl 125, theres really no way to detect if someone is buying weapons from vk or not

edit-sorry didnt mean to directly respond to you, my comment was just to anyone in general

Exactly, I don’t know how this is not addressed yet

I agree pretty sure our faction has hackers now all of top 3 in our region.And even tho we are winning I really would like them gone to give all a fair chance.

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None of the pictures you provided are actual proof…

And to add what Verdeiwsp said, you do realise the fact that people are buying this from the VK sites is neither new nor a shock?

If you think they’re a cheat, report them through the appropriate channels with the evidence and let Scopely investigate. But to come here and say “oh my god they’re selling hacked weapons” is like walking into a police station and saying “oh my god people are selling drugs on the street”

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