Is it REALLY possible? Cheaters? Luck? -CRW matchups

As you can see from the ss, the 5th place faction is an undefeated Russian faction. Is it possible for this faction to avoid matching Victory for the whole crw? Both of Victory’s losses came to Public Enemy. My faction matched up with Victory plenty. Was this lucky matching or something else?


They didn’t match DAR, Nightmare or Victory!


Can we stopped being surprised there are cheaters in Russia

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its not cheaters…

its 4 good players and two level 1 accounts

They will always match lower groups


4 people scored 5 million points yeah that sounds possible tell me another one

It was just not 4 players lmao… They still have 28 other players

You can see who are dud accounts are…
Even lowering your 6 man teams will do it too.

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He ain’t lying. There’s SS going around.

They really need address that issue.

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They wont its been in game day war came out

Folks are complaining now. Before people hardly said anything about it. They tweek the matchmaking recently they can tweek it again. Espically now that their counting scores. Should be address now

That’s what I thought. Victory was the only one I knew 100%

I would bet they didn’t match a top 20 team…
I am sure a top 20 team would of gave them a loss being 6v4.

The matchmaking sure has changed since I used mini accounts to help fill, we definitely would get better matches but no way we would avoid the top factions completely.

Several factions do it. But apparently they took it to the next level and did all crw with 2 Lvl2 accounts. It’s not cheating though. We finished in the top 10 without having faced them once. But probably our team average was S13 and theirs S8 so they faced S8 (not even a full team of 6stars) average factions.

Cheaters and exploiters are a big nope, in any circumstances. We faced coupla matches with such setup, 3-4 top whale like players with their minis.

That being said, at least they let lower factions hit them on those lvl 2 teams, unlike those other top factions full of Peteams lool


They matched plenty of top 20 and they never had two dud accounts when we faced them on multiple times.

Hopefully this is something they will look in to, but who knows.

wtf LOL (69 char)

It’s 6v6 now, that means every player has a greater impact on the faction average. It’s very different from the occasional mini to help fill, which will usually match you with another faction in the same spot.