Is it possible when banned to get unbanned if you are banned long enough?

I am wondering if I can be unbanned sense i got banned for trash talking in reality I got treated like shit anyway in my region and so I said shit back I am now officially stuck dealing with my acc being permanently banned it seems is it possible that I can get unbanned??

There’s nothing you can do about being permanently banned.

How do you get the hammer for shit talking back but the other doesnt? And i mean geez you had to say some real crazy stuff lol

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As far as I know, a permanent b@n is permanent.

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Hence the word permanent. And you recieve one of those for just talking crap in GC tells me it wasnt your first offense and you said some deplorable stuff

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I’m pretty sure it would’ve been an isolated incident for just talking crap. There either was multiple Removals or something that would cause a permanent removal… I’m guessing threatening or whatever would be beyond that.

Yes it is possible but idk if it still works