Is it possible to unban ppl?


Just asking for a friend he didn’t do anything wrong not a hacker just got banned for no reason, and just wondering if there was a way he could ever come back


I know of 2 people who were banned who in no way were hacking or being “abusive” when talking to others. I’m wondering if they will eventually be able to reactivate their accounts also. Their profiles still show up in the game so I’m not sure if that is an indication of anything or not.


Ive seen 2 types of bans. One is temporary where you are still on the leaderboards, your profile is still there. If their profile is totally gone then that is 100% ban, account has been deleted no getting back.


It’s the one where their profile is still there


That should be temp then unless they changed rules


It’s been months


Any idea how long that ban is for or how to get it back? The profile is still there and they still show up on leaderboards and in factions.


Not sure. I think with transfers they had a lot on their plate.


Anyone from Scopely reading this that may be able to answer please?


@JB.Scopely can you look into this one


Where they linked with Facebook


Yes they were


Seems like there is no actual answer. Lol


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