Is it possible to own 2 SC Andrea Shields?


There was a bug where people got loads of Andreas so maybe


Notice how many times an exclusive 1 time only toon has a “bug” that can be exploited to get more than 1🤔

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i also got 2 andrea shield on my mini account i think it was a bug

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This is where vk hackers is gonna exploit any s class bug. So if we see double s class priya’s we’ll be fucked

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I don’t know about Andrea, but I know that if you bought Julie when she first appeared then you could buy her a second time for the same number of comics when she was re-released a few weeks ago.

Sc Andrea had a bug where some people received more than one. As far as I know you’re not supposed to have more than one of her. But maybe we can get someone to help answer this.
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