Is it possible to get enough RTP Coins to get Ascendable Rick without spending money?


Seems like the roadmaps are only giving out about 200 RTP coins a week, and depending on how your faction/community does, you’re probably only getting another 400 or so from that as well.

By my math, that would leave most people with about 2400 total RTP coins, or roughly 800 coins short of getting that Rick, since you need to open 32 things at 100 coins a pop.

I’ve used a total of 500 coins, and I have 400 more that I can use, but I’m going to save them until the last moment, cuz it seems like a waste to use them on the wall if I’m not going to get Rick. I’d rather take my chances at the wheel if I end up being short.

I haz returned - responses incoming

yes… you get 500 rtp a week from things to do… and then 300 minimum from rank and community placing… thats = to 32 or rick. if you spend any on pulls you are outta luck


Doesn’t help that we didn’t get our faction RTP tokens from week 1.


yes thats true… my faction should have had i think 1000 power tokens after week 1 but only had 800 and change. we are missing one award still


Most regions are missing that reward. If they fucked up and cant figure out how to award them, give everyone the max reward. Alleviates the “hacker” dilemma as well