Is it ok to use Vk?

Some these score in the arena very suspect. Since it seem Scopely is not punishing players and only give them slap in wrist in Woc. I think we all should should start using Vk since they give better deals. Why do scopely wait months and months to take action.?

No, it’s not ok.
And neither is this post. No public shaming. Please report cheating directly to the team that investigates cheats.

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No it’s not, can do these scores easily with a few x10s though

these low presigte folks scoring like crazy.


I have scopely is not doing anything about. They keep letting this Russian cheater back to the game and cheat

3mil is more then 20 tickets. Got 800k that with almost first 1st round kills

We can’t do anything about it here, either.

What would you have them do? Require ID when someone launches the game?

So you’re saying someone having more than 3mil is suspicious?

I got like 57 arena tickets saved up and I’m F2P. I could score 5mil if I wanted.


You can huh? Give me break. None has alot 5* stars that modded and lvl for that. Plus get 1round kill with every 10 tickets. No way especially being low presigte. Called B.s prove me wrong

they did with wow. Found most or all that were cheating right? Why can’t have a monthly sweep ?

Most of the time the game takes away your commands, everyone has a lot of 5* commands

With endurance, you don’t have to go for round 1 kills all the time. You just need to keep winning to get the win bonus.

Not sure if you’ve realized, but we’re way past the point of where 5s are hard to get. Anyone can form multiple efficient 5 teams, swap out the mods and weapons for each arena sitting, and win if they have enough tickets.

You’re going to need more concrete proof than just the score being suspicious, especially if the score you’re referencing is not suspicious at all.

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107 tickets here. One 1x entry in D1 was around 110k today. Doing that 107 times seems a bit much (I have a lot of Victors and stuff, but probably not that many), and in particular a complete waste. But 3m is not too far out of what’s plausible - when you do that many, you get a good number of tickets back, and maybe they wanted some armory tokens.

[ETA] You don’t actually need that many mods. Usually only 2-3 toons attack anyway, and more damage is not always better.

Every 5*star you can kill teams in the first round? In diamond V?

I’ve got at least 3 of every key character for my T1 team…and that usually means 6 rounds before I struggle.

There will be another ban wave, and they’re coming closer and closer together. It’s a cat and mouse game, though, with new exploits being discovered and known ones getting patched. If players would STOP paying money to these guys, it won’t be worth their time to do this and they’ll move on to another game.

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I doubt it. I only see mainly Russian players and then get ban scoring that much. But if your forums post your scores let me see score 3mil?

On another note. I been in Diamond V and 4 for so long. I mean since beginning to get idea who are cheaters and who is not. So don’t give me that I have 50 tickets and I can score 3mil. With endurance hardly doubt you can get far after the 3 set of teams you have used. No one going blow their tickets in first event in the arena. Let’s keep it real

I dont think it is ok. By the way, there was actually another forum on this, just telling you

You seriously don’t think players have more than 10 leveled 5*s in their roster? Because 10 is only all they need for 3 sets of team. Again, you’re also focusing on needing to hit the top 5 enemies with each arena attack. You don’t in endurance. It’s less efficient in terms of points but could result in easier/winnable battles.

If you want to flag it as suspicious, go ahead. But 3mil is completely doable and not impossible by any stretch. Anyone that burns that much tickets for 1 arena sitting is beyond my reasoning, but at the same time, I see people still spend exorbent amounts on this game so that’s beyond my reasoning too.


You’re not swapping mods each arena win in an old school arena endurance to score that high. No one is doing that. Literally no one. That would be an insanely stupid waste of mod scraps.