Is it ok to keep posting in this forums?


Other that get information from time to time or talking with the comunity wich its nice, do you feel any of your claims has been well adressed? Or do you fell that all the information you are giving to scopelly its just being used against you?

Because for what i have seen all they do its seeing what are we more interested about for in some way twisting our words in order to charge us more for it.

Anyone feel the same? Or do you think what we are doing here has being worth it?
Is it ok to keep giving them all this information or would be better to stay quiet so they dont have this oportunities to makes us spend more? Your comments please


I like to post here for the conversation and information myself and the occasional lol’s


For example

The next day it’s announced Carl is to be removed from 5* wheel. Scopley seen people NEED Carl, saw the potential for $$$, screwed us all over


Thank you for another post regarding this OP. We’ve lifted the lid off the true reason for the forums, now let’s blow the doors off.


Oh c’mon, you can still pull Coral from that surprise box.

All dumb jokes aside, I feel for you guys just as I do for a lot of my faction mates who will be affected by this. I would’ve been in the same boat as you, but I got a good rng of pulling the lil’ one-eyed bastard from 5 prestige pulls a few days ago.