Is it normal to get five 5* Gavins in a row from ascendance?

Because it sure as hell doesn’t feel like it is.


Yup about as natural as getting four Vincent’s from war


I feel this on a personal level​:sob::sob:

i got 3 Earls straight from yellow 4star ascension yesterday! seems like the odds to get garbage is always high.


If I didnt get dupes I’d assume it was a glitch and be prepared for a rollback :joy:

That’s why I stopped ascending 4* toons bc I was trying for command siddiq and got 6 Marks in a row. That and I knew how stingy they are with everything and I didn’t want to waste my tokens.


With Scopely’s “random” number generator?



I just keep getting Kingdom Come Green Ezekiels

14 x4* yellow ascended in 3 days. Mostly earl Sofia and others. Still 0 ascendable :roll_eyes:

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Just got 5 red Kenny’s in a row trying to go for Donny :cry:

Yes it is normal…I got 5 Darius in a row when trying for Siddiq when 6 stars came out.

Yip seems that way scopleys rng

Every 10 ascends results in 7 of one toon and 3 of another…

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