Is it me or? is it not

have feeling 5s ain’t guaranteed on elite tokens anymore anyone else feel this way? know for sure don’t way more than 40 after getting my last 5?

anyone else?

Its every 40 before it resets to the next 40 pool. So I pulled my last 5* around my 20 ECT so I need 20 more pulls before I get back to the guaranteed 1 in 40. Is this relevant?

could be. maybe my pulls aint resetting got red maggie 100 ago.

If you pulled a 5* on #20, It will be 60 more pulls and #80 before you get the next one. At least that is my understanding.

this one was on 39th so would be 89? am well pass that.

Hmm you may be on to something there because you should have received another 5* by now.

Meaaage support. They can tell you your last 5s pull and where you are in relation to your next 5s pull.

they dont tell shit…