Is it me, or is defending raids extremely difficult?

Does anybody out there have a defense that gets consistent defends? I have good characters/weapons but nothing seems to be working consistently.


I’ve never seen consistent defends. A def will work for a bit and then people figure it out. I prefer working on the teams I actually play.

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Agreed. Nothing is unbeatable.

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Maybe since with limited 6* available, many teams are similar and easier to figure out.

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Active skills are too OP. Any team is beatable with them.


The team that is on the offensive (raiding) always attacks first. That is the main reason why a lot of defense teams will fall more than them succeeding. A lot of games I have played the team on the offense side usually goes second.

Yeah, hence why i started ghosting again. Losing 150 rep each night is stupid. Lol

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Personally, I have yet to find a team that I really struggle to beat. Sure, I lose a raid here and there if I get unlucky or if I’m trying out different attack teams, but during wars (regular and CRW) I win 99% of attacks.

It’s just really difficult for me to handle because one of my favorite parts of the game is building a good defense and seeing the green pop up on my screen. Seeing red all the time really demotivates me.

We faced epic super whales in CRW 3x in a row. (we’re talking about people pulling and T3ing premiers during CRW LOL)

Even against the best defense , even if you lose, it’s mostly RNG and the few times I lost an attack, it was Zeke critting or lucky commands. I would hop back in and 5-0 the same team using the same attack.

I got defends the other day using Drop leader 5* simply because Zeke proc and stuns proc’d RNG luck was on my side.

If defending were “easy,” you’d see every whale with the exact same defense. The armory guaranteed that RNGesus is the 6th man on every team, so even the best defenses will be beaten.

Secondly, there’s no $$$ in defending, since it reduces coining in wars.


I disagree that there’s no $$$ in defending. The only time I ever even think of pulling for characters is if I think they’ll help me on defense, since I don’t really have to worry about attacking (I still use 2 5* on most attack teams).

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That’s fair, but not precisely the point. Sure there’s $$$ in pulling for a char that has the potential to help you defend, but there’s no such thing as a perfect defense team.

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Sounds like you should never pull. :wink:

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Other way around, here. Seen plenty of defends up until the 6* wave evened the odds pretty universally.

Makes it interesting to see these new threats pop up in factions I’d previously had no trouble from

Same here. I had one of the best defenses in my region before 6*. Now?

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Same here :fearful:

That’s part of the trouble which is pervading the game now. 6* were a soft reset upon release, but became a hard reset once they got the buff no one asked for. We’re seeing evidence of that reset now in the form of tournament rewards steeply declining, no OG ascendables, and the old matter of little to no t4 gear.

But yeah, defending is not what it used to be.


I agree there’s no such thing as a perfect defense team. I just want to build one that defends around 60% like I used to be able to.

The bottleneck which exists now will prevent that, imo.

Best way to fix it? Release a batch of OG ascendables.

With 5* defending was easy. Now. Hell no.

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