Is it March yet?

@JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely … So the login events have been scrapped? It’s unfortunate. I’ve been doing my fair share of defending scopely, probably more than I should, because I do appreciate some of the changes that have been made.

This one however quite frankly sucks. It’s clear there is no motivation to dedicate any time to this subject anymore since it will not affect your bottom dollar… however, I think your mistaken. Morale is a big aspect of a player spending money on here.

While I understand you both don’t have the final say on these decisions… I hope you can take back this paying customers dissatisfaction with this decision.


In addition to the morale boost of getting something a little extra as Ricky mentioned, they also added a bit of flavour to each month. Important as this year hasn’t offered much in the way of tournament variation. They aren’t groundbreaking but they were a nice addition that was appreciated by all walks of the playerbase. I hope we get some feedback on the issue and ultimately it’s return

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How hard is it to hand out a little something each day? Every type of game like this throws the players some kind of a bone.

I think it’s hysterical that in a world of digital items who ultimately have zero actual value and cost nothing to create and distribute you can’t even part with the most basic of them.

Would it kill you to give out a single trainer every day, some small amount of tokens, or a few cans? Anything? Smh. :wink:


lets wait till our depots reset to coplain that when it’s a new day in your region

Maybe the login reward should be a daily roadmap that doesn’t require energy or any special items. Like, maybe 4 stages, and the last stage gives out a token for a stash.

The reward should be a new Aiko varient, but that’s just my anime side speaking.

you are really gunning for a new aiko eh @High_Power.

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Im motivated to spend soooooo much when territorys crash, when rank rewards and milestones for all events get worse, i love the having to place rank 4 in crw or rank 6 and get 200k to get anything, i love the short amount of gear, so many more to list but all of this makes me want to spend all the money i can on TWD RTS :roll_eyes: my fav thing is the lack of communication @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely every second we the community is ignored it makes me do a 40 pull :roll_eyes: i dont need a login event, i just need more offers to pop up on my screen non stop :roll_eyes:

I don’t think it works that way. Would have started with yesterday’s refresh then.

don’t bring logic into games

Hey @JB.Scopely since your working late today… can we get a small comment please? A simple I’ll investigate or monthly logins are done will suffice.

I think all you did was remind him to check the clock lol

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Never defend any company. I stop supporting this game since October and im a happy man.


the clock shows what month it is

Rick is right, we should point out good things when they happen although they are getting fewer and fewer. I was excited when seeing the change of scaling for the war rewards until I saw the cost of a pull more than doubled

U hear those crickets?

The obvious change in 2019 to monetize every single aspect of the game is a joke. Morale and desire to grind is continuously on the dive.

@JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely please listen and comment.


Why is the company so hell bent on keeping the playerbase in the dark about every single aspect, other games I play have streams once a month about all upcoming content for the month, have daily login rewards( even premium currency is included ) and also fix game breaking bugs and simple bugs that affect gameplay and toons within hours of being found, and yes this a mobile game I play of which I speak.

Whoa whoa whoa monthly streams? That would come out of the pancake fund, or how they wrap their money in bacon to take to the bank. Scimpley isn’t going to do that for us.

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